What Would You Do With Your Life if You Woke up as a 16-Year-Old Tomorrow? People Responded.

What would you do if you could relive your life all over again starting at 16-years-old?

Yeah, that question really makes you think, doesn’t it…?

And today we’re going to hear from AskReddit users about how they’d live their lives if they woke up with all their current knowledge but they were 16 again.

This is gonna be fun!

Let’s take a look!

1. Get out and enjoy it.

“Go outside more.

Basically just sat in front of my computer that year.”

2. Lots of changes.

“Get that engineering degree I always thought about so that my career doesn’t peak in my early thirties.

Get that degree in the same town where my wife went to college so I can meet her earlier. Go to Texas with her so we don’t spend 5 years in a long distance relationship. Say yes when that buddy of mine wants me to start mining Bitcoin with him in 2011.

Tell my grandmother to get a lawyer to help with her will so that my mother’s family doesn’t tear itself apart accusing each other of foraging it after she d**s. Keep in touch with old friends. Meet my biological family sooner. . . . I could do this all day.”

3. A new plan.

“Take better care of my car and my grades.

Have the courage to talk to the girls, especially the ones I found out too late who were interested in me at that time. Look at different options for career paths. Invest in what we all now know are sure things and make a few sports bets.

Hug my grandparents tightly and spend more time with them.”

4. Do it early.

“Go to therapy and handle my depression before it gets out of hand.

Everything else, I’d do pretty much the same, just that this time, I’ll actually enjoy it and make some friends along the way instead of just trying to survive.”

5. Get it done.

“A 44 year old brain in a 16 year old body.

I’m gonna get s**t done, starting with my 401k.”

6. Retire early.

“I’d still go to college but only to take stuff I wanted to take.

Invest every penny in Apple and Google and retire at 30.

Then travel.”

7. No drama.

“I’d have a lot more confidence and more of a “screw you” attitude toward drama and unkind actions from peers.”

8. Sounds good.

“Don’t succumb to the stereotypes of the era and take the home economics class I wanted to do I could learn to cook but was afraid to because it was a girl thing to do.

I would have discovered my love for cooking at an age I could have really done something with it.”

9. Save it.

“I’d try and save the family vineyard.

It wasn’t until we sold it in 2010 that I realized exactly how special having land like that is.

I was only 16 at the time, but I would have focused my studies on viticulture and wine making so I could have stayed in that industry.”

10. The right meds.

“Get on the right medication I so desperately needed. It would have changed everything. Lose the weight.

Save my grandmother by insisting they take her to a different hospital. Convince her to leave her a**sive partner. Spend more time with my younger sibling and cat. Cherish everything I’ve lost.”

11. Your best life.

“Break up with my boyfriend and cut my toxic best friend out of my life.

Would sure as hell save me a lot of trauma and consequential therapy.”

12. Apply yourself.

“Actually apply myself academically during high school and go to college straight out instead of in my late 30’s with a husband, house, kids and full time job.

I had no one to tell me how smart I was and how capable.”

Now it’s your turn!

Tell us what you’d do if this happened to you.

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