What’s a Subtle Sign That Someone Isn’t a Good Person? Here’s What People Said.

Sometimes it’s just a look in their eye…or an offhanded comment…or the way they react to something strangely…

I’m talking about subtle signs that someone isn’t a good person.

And today we’re going to hear from AskReddit users about what they think about this.

Take a look.

1. Uh oh.

“When they see someone else’s progress or success as a threat.

Once had a live in ex that went off on me for buying everything on our shopping list. I thought he would be excited.

Instead he accused me of only doing it to rub it in his face that I “wear the pants” and can provide more than he could. And said I made him feel like a loser and it was shitty of me to have bought the things we needed.”

2. Not cool.

“Passively aggressively insulting you in front of a group of people in such a way that you can’t say anything back without looking like you’re the emotional one even though you know that they intentionally insulted you to disrespect you.”

3. Gossipers.

“They have a habit of talking bad about other people behind their backs and spreading gossip and rumor. You can tell a lot about a person by observing how they talk about their peers behind their back.

When a person occasionally vents by talking bad about someone (like their boss, or classmate) because of some unpleasant experience, that’s okay. We all do it. But when a person habitually talks shit about people behind their back, that’s a big red flag.”

4. The center of the universe.

“Someone who is incapable of reflecting. They are the centre of their own universe.

They are unable to grasp the big picture or how they fit within it. Everyone has a place in the larger picture, which is their small view of the world.”

5. Sorry about that.

“They demand forgiveness instead of asking for it.

“I said I was sorry, it’s done now. Get over it.””

6. Gross.


It shows a lack of respect that usually carries into other aspects of their life.”

7. Basic decency.

“I once pi**ed a friend off when he asked me why I was returning my cart because “someone else would just do it.”

I answered because I have basic common decency and respect for other people. He just huffed away.”

8. Big liar.

“Casually lying.

My brother will lie about ANYTHING if he figures there is no way for you to check up on it.

We no longer speak.”

9. It’s just a joke.

“It’s always low when “friends” insult you physically and tell you, when you get offended or you retaliate, it’s just a joke.”

10. Rude.

“They are nice to a few people and an a**hole to the rest.

I’ve noticed that a lot of people find it easy to ignore someone being rude, mean or a general a**hole to others just as long as that person is nice to them.

Personally I think it’s a matter of time until they also are on the receiving end of the bad behaviour.”

11. Everything about this.

“They share other peoples’ secrets to you.

They talk down on others with you.

They have friends who treat other people poorly or they for example cheat on their partners.

They cut lines.”

12. Definitely.

“Their treatment of the weakest members of society including defenseless animals, the homeless, and those in low service positions.”

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