What Job Is Easy and Pays Well? People Responded.

Believe it or not, there are quite a few jobs out there that are pretty easy and that pay folks a whole lot of money…

And we’re gonna learn about a whole bunch of those occupations today!

Check out what people had to say about this on AskReddit.

1. Where you headed?

“I’m a Limo driver.

I make $35/hr driving from point “A” to point “B”.”

2. Hmmm…

“There was an article a few years written by a guy whose job it is to literally watch paint dry for a paint manufacturer.

Said it was boring but paid roughly 70k.”

3. Nice and easy.

“I forget the title but basically escort at government facilities that require a security clearance.

Pays like 80-90k and all you have to do is walk non-cleared people like, say, the janitor, around the building and make sure they don’t steal anything. If you can pass a detailed background check, you’re in.”

4. Leisurely.

“My brother-in-law is a security guard for a mineral mine.

Mostly walks around and reads books.

Makes good money for a decently leisurely job.”

5. Just pushing buttons.

“DrawBridge operator.

The job itself is crazy easy, it’s literally a button pusher, and there’s no pre-requisite training or experience.

Our local operator just retired and because he was a town employee his salary was public knowledge. Pulled down six figures every year for 45 years.”

6. Not bad at all.

“I work in mining which can be hard work. But if you start in heavy equipment operation it isn’t.

You drive with limited other traffic or you sit with a joystick and load trucks. It usually starts at $30 per hour but can be as low as $20. And you usually get really long weekends. 5 on 5 off. 7 on 7 off. 28 on 14 off. 14 on 14 off.

To get into specialized stuff it takes skill but to drive a haul truck around all day doesn’t. And $60-$80 an hour if specialized at the right place. With lots of OT.”

7. Looking at rice.

“A friend used to be a “rice grader”.

He would go through a warehouse and inspect batches of rice by putting a handful in a tray and seeing how many grains were broken, how consistent they were, and how much non rice s**t was present.

I asked him how it was quantified. He said something along the lines of “idk man, you just kinda decide?” He had zero qualifications or experience in the rice field.

It paid $25/hr, but that’s d**n good to just make up the rules of rice grading if you ask me.”

8. Getting easier.

“I’ve been working in corporate America for 20+ years and I’ve found that the higher up I move in the company, the less actual work I do.”

9. Wow.

“The Austin City Council just very quietly gave themselves a raise to $116,688 and they do absolutely nothing.

So, I’m going with that.”

10. Lollipopping.

“Traffic control, aka lollipopping.

Holding a stop and slow sign up, turning it when necessary.

$40 an hour”

11. The hair game.

“I’m a barber. School was $18,000 for 1,500 hours of training (9 months full time)

I spent the first 7 years of my career struggling to learn and produce consistently good work, but now I make $80/hr, about $112,000 annually. My clients and I have a 12 year relationship and, most days, I feel like I get to hang out and laugh with my friends all day.

Hasn’t felt like “work” for the last few years. They leave looking and feeling great, which makes me feel great.

I honestly feel guilty that teachers, nurses, and other vital workers-who spent SO MUCH time and money on their education- often earn 1/2 of what I do.”

12. Look into it.

“Look into purchasing roles in most corporations.

They manage their suppliers, negotiate contracts, place POs, etc. I would say they are optimal in terms of pay per effort.

Plus they usually get perks like more travel, Holiday goodies from their suppliers, stable work hours, job security, etc.”

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