What’s an Underrated Thing to Bring to a Party? Here’s What People Said.

I haven’t been to a party in a while so I’m a bit out of practice, so I don’t really know what folks are bringing to bashes these days.

Pinatas? One huge watermelon for everyone to share? The Battleship board game?

Well, whatever the case, these AskReddit users talked about what they think are underrated things to bring to a party.

Let’s have a look.

1. Yeah, baby!

“I used to work at Wendy’s and would bag allllllllll the food we were throwing away at the end of the night and head over to my friends place.

I still get people telling me stories about how a whole bag of chicken nuggets showed up out of the blue and “saved” someone’s life lol.

A Taco Bell 12 pack taco is usually what does the trick now. Snacks always. Especially if you’re going to show up late.”

2. Good call.

“If you’re under 23, a corkscrew.

I can’t count the number of times I, or someone else have brought a bottle of wine with a cork but there hasn’t been a corkscrew.”

3. Worship me.

“Giant 6-ft submarine sandwich.

I once brought one to a party and arrived right as the attendees finished a round of b**g hits.

They treated me like I was Jesus Christ himself.”

4. Yes!


I’ve never met anybody under 40 other than myself who brings ice to anything.

People seriously undervalue it when you show up with it, too, then everyone realizes how useful it is over the night.”

5. A real hero.

“Waffle iron and uncooked Pillsbury cinnamon rolls.

I did this once and the whole place loved me.

Especially the d**nkzillas. Good times.”

6. Legendary.

“The best party guest we ever had brought bread, spicy cheese, and a griddle, and made 2 AM jalapeño grilled cheese sandwiches for everyone.

She was a LEGEND.”

7. Save the cups!

“Sharpie marker.

Writing your name on cups saves so many cups from being thrown out.”

8. Fun for everyone.

“I knew a guy who always brought a good card game.

Always had something new, but easy for a big group to learn quickly and everyone always had a good time.”

9. Losin’ it.

“I brought a crock pot of pulled pork once with some buns and people lost their minds.”

10. Gone!

“Good food.

Parties are mostly chips, junk food, and alcohol. I once brought a huge tray of homemade mac n cheese to a party and that s**t was gone in under ten minutes.”

11. Fun!

“A pinata.

My partner brought one to a friends party, and I was super embarrassed about it. Until it was the biggest hit!

Pun intended.

All the 30 year olds and kids alike had the best time punching the pinata with boxing gloves. Highly recommended.”

12. I didn’t think of that.

“One of my friends always used to bring different giant stuffed animals for people to take pictures with.

By the end of the night he’d have a collage made that he’d give to the host. He got pretty creative with the animals and even started making backdrops too.

Our themed parties were a ton of fun and everybody loved the pictures.”

What do you think is an underrated thing to bring to a party?

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