What’s Cool Now, But Probably Won’t Be in 5 Years? Here’s What People Had to Say.

Are you old enough to remember Hypercolor t-shirts?

If you’re not, let me fill you in.

Hypercolor shirts changed color with your body heat. They were all the rage when I was in seventh grade and I even had one of my own. I was there, man!

But…by eighth grade, they were definitely not cool anymore and that thing sat in the back of my closet, lost to history…it’s quite sad, actually…

People on AskReddit talked about what is popular and cool now but probably won’t be in five years.

1. Can’t last forever.

“The <insert name here> Nutrition drink shops.

MLM bright teas that have no actual nutritional value can’t last forever.”

2. Might go away.

“Galaxy print is probably going to go the way of the bowling alley carpet patterns we used to wear on our clothes in the 1990s.

It’ll come back ironically in 10 years.”

3. YouTubers.

“Probably most popular YouTubers.

That’s something I’ve noticed.

The shelf life of YouTube popularity seems to be shorter than “mainstream” pop star popularity.”

4. Darn, already got mine…

“Brazilian Bootie Lifts.

I feel like it will not age well.

A lot of plastic surgeries collapse over time or have complications as it degrades.”

5. A lot of BS.

“Life hacks.

Since they have taken over YouTube, it just will be bland after amount of time because a lot of it is just BS and many just don’t work now.

Many I’ve seen so many stupid harmful things they are doing like “oH PuT YoUR TiN FoIL iN a BaLL anD pUt It iN a MICrowave tO MakE a SmOTH BaLL.”

6. That doesn’t sound good.

“The bowl cut.

For some reason it came back in south Houston.

Looks ridiculous.”

7. You see it all the time.

“Corporations trying to be weird and relatable on Twitter.

Wish it would die out now.

Twitter, where people try to be brands and brands try to be people.”

8. Totally embarrassing.

“A lot of the stuff I see people doing on TikTok seems like the kinda thing you’d be embarrassed about in a few years.”

9. That’s sad.

“Instagram is going to be an online shopping mall.

Far removed from the cool blogging site it used to be.”

10. What’s next?

“Subscribing to multiple streaming platforms.

Isn’t that why cable doesn’t exist anymore?”

11. Enough! 😬

“😁  putting 👏  emojis 💥  everywhere 🍆  especially 🎂  if 🍾  you’re 🌐  a 🔥  brand 🎉  trying 🎃  to 🎯  do 🎙 buddy 😂  marketing 💩.”

12. Electric vehicles.


In 5 years, it’ll just be a commonplace thing.

It won’t be every car on the road, or every purchase, but already the shock of “oh look it’s a Tesla” is fading out.”

13. Could be…

“Funko Pops.

They’re the Beanie Babies of the ’20s.”

Okay, now it’s your turn…

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