What’s Legal but Would Definitely Get the Attention of the Cops? Here’s What People Said.

Oooooo, this is gonna be a lot of fun!

Because today we’re going to hear from AskReddit users about things that are legal…but would definitely get the attention of the police.

Read on to see what they came up with!

1. Makes sense.

“Geocaching, especially for adults.

Adults searching through locations or looking under benches has gotten some questions from police, and geocachers retrieving or hiding containers has even sometimes gotten the bomb squad involved.”

2. Rollin’.

“A cop confiscated a c**arette roller from me once even though they found zero drugs and I had only ever used it with tobacco.”

3. Time to go.

“I was super dr**k at a bar once and for some reason started staring at the cops who walked in to check things out.

Like wide eyed very obvious staring. Not illegal but they made me leave the bar.”

4. Let’s have some fun.

“Shaping your trash bags like a human and suspiciously taking it out at 3 am.

They’re just yard trimmings…”

5. Run!

“Running away when you see them, we used to do it as kids.

If they caught us we said we saw a friend’s lost cat. Kinda fun.”

6. Got herbs?

“Walking around blatantly flashing huge bags of oregano and catnip at the corner of the street, yelling “getcha herbs here!””

7. Care to explain?

“Playing Pokemon Go late at night.

I have had a few instances of cops thinking that I was buying or selling drugs.”

8. Stop right there!

“Running with a weighted vest on.

I’ve been stopped by several cops in my lifetime for this.

They say it looks like body armor.”

9. I’m innocent!

“Running out of a store but without stealing anything.

They’d 100% chase you down, but it’s not illegal to run out of a store.”

10. Hey o!

“Starting a donut shop.

They’d all come by.”

11. Flipping the bird.

“I watched a video of a kid getting put in cuffs because he flipped a cop off, then told him to go f**k himself when the cop tried questioned him.

Turns out that this is protected by the First Amendment as free speech. Kid has a lawsuit now.”

12. Just minding my own business.

“Standing outside your door at 2 am.

A cop car was going down my street, then turned back around and shine a bright light in my face.

My neighbor’s younger sister was home alone and someone scared her, so I stood outside to make sure no one was outside or creeping around.”

13. Learned the hard way.

“Shooting a fake bank robbery at my mom’s office in high school. She worked for a title company and her office was in an old federal reserve building so there were still teller windows and vaults.

She told us definitely don’t go outside looking like bank robbers, but you know me, I’m an artist with a vision and I have to tell my story my way—and that story included a grand exit running out of the bank to a getaway vehicle on a busy street, everyone still wearing masks, gloves and wielding very realistic pellet guns.

Turns out most people didn’t know it wasn’t a bank. The cops that showed up before we had time for a second take certainly didn’t, which is why we were literally surrounded by a literal swat team. Like 15 cops assembled and ready for a standoff within maybe seven minutes.

We never heard them arrive. It was just one minute we’re shooting, next minute we’re about to be shot. My friend in the “getaway car” was in the parking lot waiting for my signal and suddenly had an AR-15 barrel pressed against his head and was told, “don’t move or I’ll end your f**king life. Turn the car off and put your hands on the wheel.”

The cops were actually really relieved when they found out it was just a student film, most of them laughed about it actually. I’ll tell you who didn’t laugh was my mother when she looked up from a game of solitaire to see me walking back inside with three officers in tow.

Long story short, notify cops before staging a bank robbery and if you ever plan on actually robbing a bank—don’t. You will not succeed.”

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