What’s Not Cool Anymore After You Turn 30? People Responded.

I like to go out and have a few beers every once in a while but I can’t imagine going out and being social and spending my time in drinking establishments as often as I did when I was in my twenties…

No way!

I got things to do, people!

But that’s just me…

What do you think isn’t cool after you turn 30?

AskReddit users shared their thoughts.

1. Ugh.

“Sleep deprivation.

I loved pulling all nighters as a teen and young adult. Now they just give me migraines and make the entire subsequent day hell.”

2. Don’t care.

“Being concerned with what is or is not “cool”.

I super duper don’t care if I’m cool or not.

Being cool doesn’t pay my mortgage.”

3. Whatever you say…

“Telling people with full time jobs and bills that their hobbies are childish.

That’s lame.”

4. A turn-off.

“Not being able to cook and clean for yourself.

What a turn-off, and definitely not cool.”

5. Get rid of ’em!

“Wasting time on friendships that don’t impact you in a positive way.

I spent my 20s taking care of everyone else instead of myself.

I don’t have time for that s**t anymore.

They can go to therapy. I am.”

6. Slow down!

“Driving like an a**hole.

A car is a 3,000 lb death machine.”

7. Good point.

“It’s not that things aren’t cool anymore.

There weren’t in the first place. But now you have the confidence to tell it out loud.”

8. Turn down the AC, por favor.

“Honestly, about 72 degrees.

It used to be comfortable, even cool… but now I’m old as s**t and need a solid 67 or I can’t sleep.”

9. Balance the budget.

“Spending your money irresponsibly.

Buy whatever the hell you want just make sure it’s in your budget.”

10. Yuck.

“Getting into arguments over the internet.

Isn’t cool at all but sometimes you feel cool doing it. Especially if you have ppl agreeing with u.

To clarify arguments are not the same as discussions or debates.”

11. Hurts your guts.

“Binging sugary goodness.

As an under thirty I could eat mass amounts of food and few fine.

Coming up 30 this year, and I can’t even eat a few mallowpuffs without a guts ache.”

12. I need time!

“Last minute plans.

I need at least 24 hrs notice (preferably 48 hrs) if said plans will require me to be in public.”

13. No way!

“Expecting your friends to help you move.

The good news is if you’ve ever moved that half-a**ed, chaotic way before, the first time you hire professionals is going to feel amazing and worth it.”

What do you think isn’t cool anymore after you turn 30?

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