What’s Something a Younger Person Wouldn’t Understand if You Told Them? Here’s What People Said.

I said something about dial-up Internet to my 15-year-old niece recently and she looked at me like I was from Mars.

Whoops, sorry!

I forgot that you were born in 2007 and I’m sorry I bothered you!

Kids today…

AskReddit users talked about something they could say that younger people wouldn’t understand.

1. It was fun!

“Pen pals.

Random kids you’d get an address for and just start writing letters with. I still have stacks of letters somewhere.

Finding a letter from your pen pal in the mail was one of the most exciting things in my childhood.”

2. That was fancy stuff.

“I remember being jealous of the kids who had the 64 pack of crayons with the sharpener on the back.

My mom could never afford it, she was just able to get me the little box.”

3. The old days.

“Letting the TV warm up.

When the knob broke having to use pliers to turn the channel.

TV Guide.”

4. It took a while…

“The card catalog at the library, having to sort through the index cards in a giant filing cabinet to see if there were any books on a subject that interested you.

This idea more than any other would shock the youth of today.”

5. It was a big story.

“Baby Jessica.

I was explaining to a new hire why some states require abandoned wells to be plugged; we hit on several topics as to why and then I brought up the risk livestock or humans falling in….”you know, just like Baby Jessica.”

Had no freaking clue what I was talking about.”

6. Who’s around?

“Wanna hang out with your friends?

Ride around until you find who’s front yard has all the bikes and there you go.”

7. Good times.

“You rented physical copies of movies at a real store.

There was a certain charm and excitement about it but overall I’m quite happy with how we do it now.”

8. Hard times.

“I delivered pizzas before GPS nav systems were affordable.

I had to find the house on a giant map at the restaurant and write down directions before heading out.

Over time I memorized where streets were, so that was nice at least.”

9. Skinemax.

“Staying up late at night to watch HBO and Cinemax.

They had some very interesting late night programing that a growing boy would be interested in.”

10. Had to dig deep.

“Needing to get magazines for Nintendo codes.

My son started playing Mortal Kombat recently and they include the finishing and special move combinations on a menu screen.

It’s bulls**t.”

11. It was brutal.

“Changing the TV channel with a dial.

You had to get up and walk across the room.

Also, holding the rabbit ears antenna while standing on one foot with your arm in the air and your dad telling you not to move.”

12. Let’s look back.

“I just turned 50 last month.

They still sold leaded gasoline, up till I was school aged. Our cars didn’t have A/C until the Buick Regal we bought in 1979. It came with a set of frosted rocks glasses commemorating the 76th world series. My mom gave them to me in 2019 and I still like to make a cocktail in them.

I remember when we had just 4 channels– ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS. And I grew up in Omaha. We got cable with like 3 movie channels when I was in 5th grade. The same year we got our first microwave– it was $400. Our first VCR we got a year or 2 later. It was $900, the remote had a cord. It actually never stopped working. My dad only got rid of it like 10 years ago because my mom made him.

C**arette vending machines where a pack cost 75 cents. And I could go in to the bowling alley by my high school and buy them even though I was clearly underage.

Cellular phones were bigger than an actual brick.

My first job (other than babysitting) was at Musicland and it paid 3.35 an hour.”

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