What’s the Easiest Way to Ruin Your Life? People Shared Their Thoughts.

Life can change in an instant…that’s why you gotta be smart and keep your head on straight.

What’s the easiest way to ruin your life?

AskReddit users shared their thoughts…listen up!

1. Beware…

“Credit cards – arguably the easiest way to financially ruin your life. Also one of the easiest ways to make big purchases, especially if you exploit 0% APR cards which can run as long as 2 years.

Buy a couch for a grand. Guess what, you just have to pay the minimum each month for the next 2 years and you get to keep that initial grand to invest if you’re smart.

Miss a single payment though…welcome to a spiral of debt. Not only do you get a mark on your credit score, you just added 20% interest to that grand. Because you fu**ed up.

Credit cards are so simple – pay them off in full every month, unless it’s a 0% card in which case set up a direct debit for the minimum amount each month and then pay the remainder off in full in the last month of the 0%.

And the biggest rule?


Credit cards should be used for financial safety against fraud and getting screwed over by companies, to gain points and bonuses, NOT as a means to “buy it now, pay it off later”.”

2. Gotta be careful.

“Getting pregnant and having a kid when you didn’t want one.

The task itself to get there is pretty easy to do…”

3. Gotta face it.

“Ignoring and not facing your trauma.

It only grows and gets worse unless you face that s**t head on.”

4. Bad stuff.

“Experimenting with painkillers. There is no such thing as dabbling.

You might think you’re stronger or not at risk, but they’ll sneak up, grab you by the throat, and destroy everything you value and love. It’s been a year and a half since I’ve touched anything intoxicating, and I still have a huge hole that I don’t know that I’ll ever truly dig out of.

Financially, emotionally, relationships. If I had a time machine, I’d go back in an instant. And I’m one of the lucky ones that made it out. And statistically I very well still might not make it, no matter how good I feel today. Plenty I know and love did not make it out. Their loved ones have to carry that hole forever.

Just. Don’t. Start. Not even once.”

5. Toxic.

“Growing up in a toxic family.

No one really understands how much it messes with you. Even if you escape, the scars are still there. I am behind my peers in some ways. I didn’t get to be a student and enjoy those years like everyone else. I spent my early 20s trying to overcome trauma alone. Mid 20s I finally figured out how to make friends and keep them.

Honestly, growing up I never really thought about my future. I spent the entire time dreaming of escaping, so much so that I had no idea what I wanted to do. Annoyingly I figured it out recently but can’t go back to uni. I just have to hope me learning alone is enough.”

6. No more drinking.

“For me it’s drinking.

My last drink was 1-26-1970.

Over fifty years and still working it a day at a time.”

7. Ugh.

“Getting bitten by a tick. Very hard to see or know it’s on you until it’s too late.

Found out we have those here now and as someone that likes nature it terrifies me.

Also covering up when it’s middle of summer is not exactly realistic and even if you do, they can still get in your hair, beard etc.”

8. Health is your only wealth.

“Ignoring your health.

I lost my mom because she did this, nearly lost my dad, and my husband is diabetic now, all because they ignored their health.”

9. True.



Most people gain the weight over time. Each 20 pound increase adds another level of difficulty to your life until you’re at the point of no return. It is possible to lose the weight but it is incredibly difficult. Loose skin and other factors will also stay with you.

Food addiction is very common especially in America where sugar tends to be added to a lot of things. Unlike drugs or alcohol you don’t have to seek it out. Everyone has to eat, but if you make the wrong choices it’ll get you in big trouble.”

10. Don’t be passive.


Doing nothing will ruin your life cause you’ll never end up doing what you actually want.

Move to that city, go for that girl, apply at that job, whatever it may be you gotta put in the effort.”

11. Avoid at all costs.

“Having a relationship with a pathological narcissist.

Even if you’re a confident, happy person they will destroy your life.”

12. Horrible for you.


Ruins your lungs, bad for you skin, and can cause not only lung cancer, but bladder cancer as well.”

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