What’s the Greatest, Worst Movie? People Shared Their Picks.

I grew up on a steady diet of horror films, B-movies, and cult classics, so this article is right up my alley.

I remember the good, old days when my friends and I would have bad movie marathons in the basement and rent some of the worst pieces of trash you could ever imagine. It was wonderful.

Long story short: I love bad movies, and I’d even go so far as to say that some of my favorite movies are the world are really not great films…

And I know I’m not alone!

Let’s see what folks on AskReddit had to say about this.

1. Good choice.

“Deep Blue Sea.

Samuel L. Jackson, LL Ccol J, and super sharks.”

2. His first role.

“Once Bitten.

It was Jim Carrey’s first film role.

It’s gloriously campy!”

3. From the experts.

“Manos: The Hands of Fate.

The creators of Mystery Science Theater 3000, on which this “movie” was notably mocked, called it the worst movie they ever featured in the entire run of the show, which is really saying something.”

4. Mario and Luigi.

“The Mario brothers movie.

Just awesome!

I read that movie had the most conflict on set that was humanly possible. All the actors hated each other and were miserable. and somehow it still turned out awesome.”

5. Very weird.

“Mac and Me.

The ET rip-off brought to you by McDonald’s, of all people.”

6. Oh yeah!

“Troll 2.

It had a documentary called Best Worst Movie. Worth a look.

I discovered this movie on a bargain bin dvd an old lady gave me. I had never heard anything about it before putting it on. It instantly became one of my favorites.”

7. I love it!

“Over The Top.

I will say its the best Father-Son arm wrestling movie out there…”

8. A masterpiece.


With the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Ice Cube, Owen Wilson, Danny Trejo, AND Jon Voight all sharing the screen at the same time.

That is the recipe for amazingly horrible and horribly amazing at the same time.”

9. It’s very bad.

“Batman & Robin

There are over 40 ice puns. That’s all you need. But you also get Clooney as the worst Batman ever, Bane’s mindless banter, Ivy’s cringe-worthy monologues, Bat n*pples, bat credit card, etc.

So bad it’s good.”

10. Classic!

“Hell Comes to Frogtown, by far. Roddy Piper at his finest. Roddy Piper. A librarian type who is super sexy when she takes her glasses off and lets her hair down.

“The recent nuclear apocalypse has drastically reduced the male population and made most humans sterile. Spangle sends Sam Hell into Frogland, the mutant wasteland, to impregnate as many fertile women as he can. Once there, he learns that the mutant mayor, Toty, has kidnapped eight human women for his harem. Now Hell’s mission is to rescue Spangle and the harem from this supreme mutant … the ambassador of death.””

11. Really uncomfortable.


It makes a lot more sense of you watch it imagining Nomi Malone to be an alien who doesn’t understand humanity.

Otherwise it’s a terrible movie but so so watchable. There’s loads of nudity but it’s not s*xy.

It seems almost as if someone put every Paul Verhoeven movie into an AI and this is what it spat out.

A documentary came out recently called You Don’t Nomi about people’s love and hate for the movie.”

12. Quotable.

“Joe Dirt.

It has an 11% on Rotten Tomatoes, but I love that movie so much and it has so many good lines.”

13. I need to see this ASAP.


Yes, it’s an entire movie about a homicidal tire.”

14. A mess.

Hudson Hawk

Bruce Willis pet project comedy-action-heist-singing-weirdo movie, is an absolute mess, but I love it.”

15. Fascinating.

“Balls of Fury.

I loved it, even though I was mostly watching it with a morbid fascination of how bad a good movie could be.”

16. Awesome!

“Samurai Cop.

Every scene is hilariously bad. If it isn’t the terrible acting then it’s the boom mic shadows or the paper mache body parts.

There is a car chase scene where the “hero” is literally sliding his hands over a stationary steering wheel pretending to drive….sometimes it’s too much.”

17. Wow…

“The Conqueror.

A bunch of white people playing Ghengis Khan and his soldiers.

As an added bonus, they filmed it near an old nuclear test site, so almost everyone who worked on the movie got cancer.”

18. There it is!

“The Room, without a doubt.

My boyfriend and I actually bought a fish and named him Mark just so that we could always say “Oh hi Mark”.”

What’s your favorite TERRIBLE movie?

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