What’s the Maximum Damage Someone Can Take Without Dying?

Image Credit: Pixabay

In video games, it’s 99HP of damage – almost enough to kill you, but not quite. These 15 people muse on what, if any, real life equivalent exists.

#15. Is it game over?

Choking on food when no one is around belongs here as well, will I be completely fine in 15 seconds or Is game over for me?

#14. In the middle.

A car crash in the middle seat

#13. To the ankle.

taking a scooter to the ankle.

#12. My daughter was going to die.

Being told your child is going to die.

I’ve been told on three separate occasions that my daughter was going to die. As I write this, she’s upstairs asleep and she’s fine, but let me tell you – when you look into a Doctor’s eyes and they tell you your child is not long for this world ……-99HP

This blew up a bit, and thanks for all the well wishes. She has navigated a bunch of open heart surgeries with various complications from them but is doing great and has a great future prognosis.

#11. Giving birth.

I almost died giving birth. 3 years later and I’m only now back to where I started. We almost didn’t make it a few times during the pregnancy, but we got to term, and then a few major organs decided it was time to ntfo. During emergency surgery, I woke up twice and after, they forgot to drug me at all. I screamed and blacked out for an entire day. Mysteriously, I woke up to the nurse changing my iv in the night. But did it kill me? Nope!

#10. But barely.

This guy jumped on two grenades at the same time and lived, but barely. I think that qualifies.

#9. Severely compromised.

A severely compromised immune system.

#8. Terrifying.


They’re god damn terrifying

Edit: I’ve read a number of your stories. They all prove my point.

#7. Your life flashes before your eyes.

Missing a step while going down the stairs. And when you think you finished, but that last step came out of nowhere and now your life flash before your eyes


#6. Betrayal.

You bite a pizza and the cheese slides off and burns your chin.

#5. The ability to create new memories.

Terry Wallis want into a coma in 1984 and woke up in 2003. He’s completely paralysed, brain damaged and thinks it’s still 1984. He’s lost the ability to create new memories.


#4. You’re still alive.

Shot in the head but you’re still alive.

#3. My left everything.

I got T-Boned by a Semi.

Provided that you can’t recover from 0hp, it was a solid 99.9

Since somebody asked: Semi blew a red light as I was pulling out of the hospital I worked at. The ED crew ran out, shoveled me off the asphalt, and ran me inside. If it had been anywhere else I’d have bled out before an ambulance arrived. It broke my left everything, including ten ribs, many if which wound up in my lung, one of which is still unaccounted for. I was fortunate enough not to suffer any spinal damage, but I did lose my left leg below the knee. I’ve made a mostly full recovery, less the.leg and significant lung functionality.

Obligatory: I got spread across the road like so much red paint and all I got was this lousy silver gold showered with internet riches <3 <3 <3

#2. Loser, you.

Pinky toe versus the corner of the bed in the night.

#1. Short and sweet.

Nut shot.

I hope I never have to find out for real!