What’s the Most Disturbing Real Life Story You Know? Here’s What People Said.

It really blows my mind how terrible people can be to each other.

And we’ve all heard awful stories about humans doing the unthinkable…and we’re about to see some more…

People on AskReddit shared the most disturbing true stories they know.

Hang on tight, folks…

1. Wow.

“A seventeen year old boy lived in the walls of a house for months so he could spy on his ex girlfriend.

Things peaked when the girl’s father saw him dressed as his d**d wife, holding an axe and trying to convince her that she was her d**d mother.”

2. Creepy.

“Ronald Gene Simmons.

Made his kids dig a big hole on his property. Then, as they got off the school bus for Christmas break, he k**led them one by one and buried them in the big hole. Two days later, when his adult children arrived he k**led them and their children (one of these babies was also his child, because he m**ested his daughter).

He threw the adult children in the hole and the babies in the trunk of an old car. The next day, he went on a sh**ting rampage in the next town over and k**led two more people.

After he went to D**th Row, the townsfolk burned his house to the ground. He d**d by capital punishment. Happened in the late 1980s in my hometown.”

3. Awful.

“I worked with this guy. He was real nice, but had his struggles.

One day I noticed he wasn’t at work (unlike him). Found out that the previous night he drove to the cemetery, doused himself in gasoline, and lit himself on fire.

His girlfriend had somehow followed him there and tried (unsuccessfully) to stop/help him and got some serious burns as well.

It was rough.”

4. Two years…

“When I was in high school in a tiny Midwestern US town, there was a guy who was the town kook. Wrote daily crazy letters to the local newspaper (I wrote for the paper my last two years of high school) and his house was covered in political rantings written in black marker.

My friends who worked at the town grocery store said he came in every day to buy a giant bottle of rubbing alcohol and a bag of kitty litter.

Turned out, his mom had d**d in her bed and he used the kitty litter and rubbing alcohol to k**l the smell while living with her and cashing her Social Security checks for nearly two years.”

5. Holy s**t.

“I had older friends that rode four wheelers to take care of their pet livestock.

One day they noticed the horse was choking so they went to help the horse. The horse and donkey both had rabies and attacked literally biting through bones.

My friends both di**d horrible deaths, one after a couple of days hospitalized, the other after weeks.

I still get nauseous when it crosses my mind, and it has been years.”

6. A night out.

“A girl went to a party. Took a pill. Met a guy there, he was also on drugs. They had fun and decided to leave together to her place.

So far so good.

When she woke up in the morning, she immediately noticed that he had p**ped in his underpants. She did not want to make him feel embarrased, so she came up with something.

Her plan was to go to the store to get some breakfast and call him when she got there to ask him what he wants. Then he would notice what happened and would have time to clean himself up.

So that’s what she did. But when she got to the store, he did not pick up his phone. So she thought oh s**t, his phone must be on silent. She grabbed some breakfast and returned to her home to wake him up.

But when she tried to wake him, she realised that he did not s**t himself in his sleep. He d**d. (When you’re d**d your bowels empty)

Yes she woke up next to a f**king d**d body in her bed.

I dont know her personally but from what I heard it f**ked her up pretty bad.”

7. Terrifying.

“Some teenagers in the town I lived in kidnapped the owner of the local newspaper, did who knows what to him, and then buried him alive with nothing but a straw to breathe through.

He d**d, and they went to jail.”

8. You never know.

“There’s this street camera footage of an older woman presumably being dropped off in front of her house. She gets out the car and starts walking towards her house.

As she’s right near the door step a huge block of hardened snow slides off her roof and falls directly on her head, knocking her to the ground. The guy who dropped her off(could’ve been her son which makes this even more disturbing) hops out the car and rushes to check on her. Turns out the snow completely crushed her skull.

Seemed like some stuff straight out of final destination. One minute just fine the next minute instant d**th. Makes you realize just how fast somebody can be taken away.”

9. Look it up.

“Adolfo Constanzo and his cult of human s**rifice.

Highlights include:

– At least 27 ritualistic m**ders/human s**rifices

– Ritualistic t**ture and m**der, including s**omy and c**tration

– Beheadings and removal of bones/organs to ritualistically s**rifice.”

10. Neighbors.

“There was a bus stop by my Junior High where I would catch the bus to go home.

In the house 20 feet away, there was a man kept in a garage being t**tured, and eventually m**dered. The owner of the house used to sit on the front steps and wave to us as we walked by.

I only found out because years later I saw a documentary of the case. Blew my mind.”

11. OMG.

“Buddy of mine and I were hanging at his family condo up in the Ozarks.

Throughout the day, we kept hearing bumps, footsteps, and scratching up in the attic. We thought it was rodents, so we checked it out.

No rodents. Instead, we found a disheveled elderly woman up there. Turns out 2 days before we arrived, our next door neighbor locked his wife in his attic. She managed to tear and claw through to our attic, and she couldn’t have been any younger than 70.

How she did that, and without food or water was something incredible, but my god that was a horrifying sight to see in one’s attic. Not to mention her husband’s actions.”

12. Horrific.

“Mario Urioste. Dumb kid who was jailed for shoplifting.

Was sent to the New Mexico State Penitentiary in 1980. He was originally placed in a cell block housing v**lent criminals where he was gang-r**ed by seven inmates. Mario had filed a lawsuit against his r**ists, so prison officials had housed him in protective custody for his own protection.

Then a huge riot occurred and a lot of the rioting prisoners took the opportunity to to settle scores. Urioste was one of the targets for revenge. His body was found hanged, with his throat cut and his dismembered g**itals stuffed into his mouth.”

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