What’s the Most Disturbing Thing You Saw in Person. Here’s What People Said.

Have you ever seen something in person that shocked you and left you speechless?

If you have, you know how truly terrifying and surreal that experience can be.

And today we’re going to hear stories from folks on AskReddit about the most disturbing things they’ve seen in person.

Let’s take a look.

1. Awful.

“Watched a woman get st**bed to d**th by her baby daddy in front of their kid.

He said later he did it cause he didn’t want her to take care of the kid.

Happened right outside my school too.”

2. Jesus…

“My best friend and I were supposed to be pet/house sitting and when we showed up on the first day the owner (guy who hired us) and his brother were both d**d in the house.

There was a note and it was ruled a m**der-s**cide. Younger brother showed up at the house in a drug fueled rage and older brother didn’t know it was him and shot him, then when he realized who it was he wrote a note and k**led himself.”

3. Seen a lot.

“I’ve seen a lot of bad stuff,  but there’s one incident that stands out to me be what it involved a kid.

I saw a lady have a grand mal seizure while holding her baby. She was shopping and having a normal day, then suddenly her arms just unfolded and her infant smashed into the floor face first. The sound was unlike anything I’d ever heard, kind of a cross between an egg breaking and a melon cracking open.

Immediately afterwards, the mother hit the floor on top of the baby and was v**lently seizing. I didn’t know if the baby was already d**d from the fall or if it was going to be crushed by her body. What I do know is that the baby never made a sound. We called an ambulance and the mother lived, but I don’t think the baby did.”

4. Be careful on the road.

“Driving in Washington State.

Someone in a car the size of a Toyota Corolla went head on with a semi. There were body parts and goo all over the road, no survivors in the car. They had to get the “jaws of life” out to get enough remains to have something to bury.

Almost 25 years later seeing a severed hand being picked up by EMS still haunts me.”

5. The sleepover.

“One time I was having a sleepover at my friends house, and she d**d in her sleep.

Waking up & seeing her was pretty disturbing.”

6. Always wear a helmet.

“Was walking through a city with a friend when we saw a guy on a bike, no helmet, come down a steep street right in front of us. Something made his bike flip and he went headfirst onto the stone cobble street.

The cracking noise and the amount of blood was something I’m not going to forget any time soon. Ambulance and so on showed up pretty fast but I have no idea if he survived…I’d like to think so but there was so much blood on the street I don’t know if I can believe it.”

7. A sad scene.

“Six years ago, my family traveled to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania to visit family for Easter and we drove back home on Easter Sunday afternoon. We were driving on I-81 South in Virginia and noticed traffic was slowing down and a lot of smoke coming from the side of the road.

An SUV had crossed over the median and hit another car head on. Both vehicles were completely totaled and were engulfed in flames, quite a few cars had already pulled over to try and help. I remember looking over at one of the cars and seeing a person in the passenger seat who had been decapitated, the driver appeared to be d**d too.

The heat coming from both cars was really intense as we went past it. I looked it up on the news the next day and four of the five people involved in that wreck were k**led, one person barely survived. It was a really ugly and sad scene to witness, especially on Easter Sunday.”

8. Scary.

“I was on submarines in the US Navy back in the late 1990s, and this is from then.

We had civilian contractors doing work on our boat’s high pressure air system.

This one guy forgot to secure the air before working on the pipes, and when he broke the seal the whole thing broke away. The pressure of the air coming out cut off most of his hand instantly.

The guy was screaming on the deck with nearly half his hand laying right across from him.”

9. One day…

“Around the age of 5 I was living with my family on my grandfather’s farm.

One day while my father was working I was home alone with my Mother. She went to take a bath while I was watching TV. After my show ended I realized she wasn’t anywhere in the living room, kitchen, or master bedroom ( it was a trailer home so not big).

I went to check the only bathroom and she was completely submerged underneath the bath water from having a seizure I ran to go get my grandfather and called 911 like I was taught as he tried to revive her via CPR.

The paramedics eventually arrive and are able to revive her but only for a brief period before her heart gives out again and they pronounce her d**d.”

10. OMG.

“Motorcycle t-boned a vehicle immediately after a hurricane in Florida.

Blew through a 4 way stop going way to fast flew over the car and went face first in to the asphalt.

Headless body continued about another 40 or 50 feet.”

11. Terribly sad.

“A man d**ng on the sidewalk naked, and everyone walking over him like it was nothing. It was absolutely horrifying, nothing I could do to help no matter who I told.

I was working in Luanda, Africa and had recently come offshore and on my way back home to the US. I decided to walk around and see the sights when I walked up on him. It’s been five years and it’s still burned into my memory.”

12. He got lucky.

“I watched my husband dive in to our pool and break his neck. I have it on video actually.

He made a full recovery, thankfully, but the trauma docs said his type of injury leads to either death or paralysis about 95% of the time. He was very lucky.”

What’s the most disturbing thing you’ve ever seen?

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