What’s the Most High Risk, Low Reward Thing You’ve Ever Done? People Responded.

As human beings, we tend to do some really dumb stuff sometimes.

Stuff that definitely isn’t worth the risk or the effort, but we do it anyway…

I guess it must be part of our DNA or something…

What’s the most high risk, low reward thing you’ve ever done?

AskReddit users shared their stories.

1. Sorry about that.

“Moved across the country for a guy.

Got married, now divorced, hate it here, no family.”

2. Up to no good.

“My friends and I used to target and steal those signs that said “If you are caught stealing you will be prosecuted”.

Many illegal things were done and many hundreds of thousands of dollars of stuff was ignored to steal increasingly difficult to obtain paper signs.”

3. Dumb move.

“I once followed a young homeless man I just met because he wanted to show me where he was staying. It was nighttime and he invited me down into a dip in the trees.

We walked through a dark section of forest then he showed me some rocks and small caves with a couple beds set up. Then we left. I literally followed a stranger into the dark woods because…curiosity?”

4. Hahahaha.

“My friends and I used to break into expensive looking houses and use their showers.

This was in the late 90s when ridiculous showers were in vogue and we wanted to know if they were actually any good (for the most part they were not). We never stole anything (well, except water). We brought our own towels and toiletries. We were very careful about who we “hit” and made sure they had set schedules and no children or pets.

The reward was a sh**ty shower. We risked jail time.”

5. Lucky you didn’t get hurt.

“Jumping onto a bus that was pulling away from the bus stop without closing its doors.

The bus is every 10 minutes.”

6. Not smart!

“I swam in the Zambezi River when I was drunk on a fishing trip.

I still can’t believe I was that stupid. It’s infested with hippos and crocs known for eating people.”

7. Up in the air.

“Climbing up a water tower when dr**k to find a friend.

Turns out said friend was not even lost.

He was yelling at me from the base of the tower.”

8. Mental hospital.

“Broke into an abandoned mental hospital on cocaine with a bunch of people I mostly didn’t even like in college.

Technically I got something out of it– a door number from one of the rooms, which I promptly became terrified would somehow make me haunted (because cocaine) and passed off to someone else at the first opportunity.”

9. This is amazing.

“Shoplifted condoms 3 years ago.

I’m still a virgin.”

10. Not cool.

“I was a free intern for a flower shop. One day there was a shady person walking in the store basement. Somebody said he stole something from the shop and fled to the basement.

The shop was in an apartment building, street level and the basement led to all over the building. So they said to me a 16 y/o girl to go to the basement and check the situation out.

Well I was young and dumb and went. Thank god I found no one.”

11. That backfired.

“I was working as a chef in a gourmet bar/restaurant, and I’d become somewhat of a teachers pet in the form of my managers favourite employee because I was never late, covered shifts etc (not for his sake, I wanted more money).

New guy started and he was just awful, only got 2 weeks into the job before almost being sacked but I wanted to teach him the ways. Anyway, one day he carelessly left a cloth on an open flame during prep in the morning of Valentine’s Day (our biggest revenue generator) and the fire ravaged through about 1/4 of the kitchen, including the stock, the microwaves, the cooker and the veg prep area.

And for some stupid fu**ing reason I said it was my fault when the manager was on the warpath, thinking the new guy would be saved and I’d just take a humongous bollocking for being stupid and all would be fine eventually…

Nope. I got sacked. He threw me out.

To this day I will never ever ever understand why I put my neck into that guillotine of fire.”

12. Risky.

“I used to dive in ponds at golf courses to collect the lost balls and clean/sort them to sell back to the courses. It’s unbelievable just how many snakes, alligators, and leeches live in those things.

I made less than minimum wage (around 6ish at the time) and had countless close calls with critters. However, the most dangerous creatures on golf courses are old people.

They do not give a f**k if you’re working, they will absolutely send balls of hard plastic hurdling at your head at 50mph without a second thought, then get pi**ed when their ball hit your tank or cart and split open, then demand you hand over some of your recovered balls in compensation.”

What do you think is the most high risk, low reward thing you’ve ever done?

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