What’s the Most Messed-Up Thing Someone Ever Said to You? People Responded.

People sure can be cruel, don’t you think?

And don’t give me any of that “they’re just honest, they’re not rude” talk. That really drives me nuts.

In my opinion, if you don’t have anything nice to say, just don’t say anything at all.

But a lot of people out there don’t subscribe to that belief, apparently…

AskReddit users talked about the most f**ked-up things that someone ever said to them.

1. Psycho.

“My ex said to me “I purposefully start fights with you because I love to see you cry” or “why did you believe me when I told you I love you? I don’t actually mean it”.

She was a major psycho.”

2. OMG.

“”Go get your Grandfather from the woodshed, he said he has a surprise.”

The surprise was he that he hung himself.

I was 8 years old.”

3. What a creep.

“”I’ve decided to remove The Problem (you) from my life since it’s affecting me too.”

My friend said this to me after he found out that I got s**ually a**aulted by his friend.”

4. Two bad ones.

“”You’re adopted, you don’t get to have opinions”


“You’re going to end up like your real dad”.

My real dad was an al**holic and an addict. He f**ked up his life and never came back.”

5. Won’t forget it.

“When I was 7 my mother and step father were having relationship issues. After a fight in which she ended up leaving the house, my step father sat me down.

He gave me an extremely longwinded speech about why I was a terrible, b**tard child. I don’t remember much of it, but he ended it by saying, “It’s your fault your mom and I are breaking up. You’re rotten and I h**e you.”

I don’t think I’ll ever forget that.”

6. Awful.

“I knew you had an eating disorder, but I didn’t say anything because you needed to lose the weight.”

7. Thanks, Mom.

“”I dont love you, I never did, and I regret not ab**ting you. You and your father have ruined my life and I h**e you both.”

My mother when I was 10.”

8. Wow.

“”I dont believe your grandfather ever was inappropriate with you. If anything, it would have happened to your prettier sister.”

From my mom the last time I spoke to her 3 years ago.”

9. Sick.

“I’ve had leukemia a couple of times and my then wife looked at me during an argument and said these words, “I hope this cancer eats you from the inside out, and that no one is by your side when you d**!”

I was so stunned I just turned around and went to the bedroom and went to sleep. The next morning she literally said “I’m sorry I said those things last night, but you know how angry you get me.”

I left the next day and never looked back. It was twelve years of hell with her and I stuck through it to be around my kids, but at that moment I knew this had to be it or I’d never get out.”

10. Gaslighting.

“The last conversation I had with my ex-wife she all but confirmed she was deliberately pushing me towards s**cide (she was studying psychology to become a councilor so she knew exactly what buttons to push and how to exploit my mental health issues).

Years of mental a**se, emotional a**se and gaslighting suddenly made sense.”

11. Holy s**t.

“I was being bullied by my entire class, about 30 something odd people.

The principals response to this was to sit everyone down during P.E. (during my largest anxiety giving class might I ads) and spent 30 minutes telling everyone how I’m the example of what NOT to be.”

12. A terrible thing to say.

“When my mom got diagnosed with stage IV cancer, my boss at the time said she was excited that I was getting to go through this.

She meant it in a “beat an obstacle that life throws at you” kinda way.

My mom passed away two years later and there was nothing exciting about watching her deteriorate and having to say goodbye.

Who the f**k says that?!”

13. Showed him.

“In college I studied journalism but I had to take a required PR class.

We had to keep these journals about our thoughts about news events for some reason, and I was trying to be thought-provoking and so I wrote about this theory about why college students tend to be apathetic about the news, it had to do with the insular nature of the college campus. It was probably bulls**t, but I was writing about a theory I had.

The professor ripped it apart and then ended his scribbling with “I find it hard to believe you will succeed at anything, much less journalism.”

I went on to write for ESPN, so he can kick rocks.”

How about you?

What’s the most messed-up thing someone ever said to you?

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