What’s the Most Professional Way to Tell Someone Off? Here’s What People Said.

Use your words…but use them in a nice way, okay?

We could probably all use a lesson in this area sometimes and today we’re gonna get some great ideas!

Are you ready to get some pointers on how to be classy?

What’s the most professional way to tell someone to “F Off”?

AskReddit users blessed us with their wisdom.

1. Take it elsewhere.

“As previously discussed on enter date this matter was resolved, I have cc’d *their supervisor *.

Please direct any further questions or concerns to them.”

2. No, you won’t.

“Thank you.

I’ll take that into consideration.”

3. We’re done here.

“This conversation is no longer productive.

We’ll have to come back to it with a clear head”

4. Can’t stay here.

“I’m not telling you to go home.

But you can’t stay here.”

5. They know it.

“My typical email sign off is “Thanks!” or some form of that with an exclamation point.

My team knows that a “Thank you.” means I am pi**ed off.

The dreaded thank you period is simple but effective.”

6. Great!

“That’s a great suggestion.

Could you email it please then we can discuss it with the right people?”

7. One more time…

“It’s always nice and effective to say it in a reply to the email that you’re referencing.

“As stated, below…”

8. Feel free to use it.

““I’m disinclined to acquiesce your request.

…Means no.”

From Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl.”

9. My go-to.

“I always loved the way Saladin did it in Kingdom of Heaven.

One of his generals came to his tent to b**ch about the battle strategy, and when Saladin had enough he just says, “Thank you for your visit.”

Back before the pandemic, that was my go-to. It doesn’t work as well over Teams.”

10. All of these.

“I am probably not the right person to ask. You should ask etc…..

Maybe you should run it by etc….

You should check with etc……

I don’t have enough information right now to give you a well informed answer.

I am not interested.

Maybe we can discuss it another time.”

11. Probably works.

“”Uh huh…uh huh……so anyway…” and absentmindedly look at someone else like you have already forgotten what that person has said.

My brother does this and I have never seen anyone become more hated in a nanosecond than him.

People absolutely silently seethe when he does that.”

12. Good luck.

“WWE is constantly mocked for “releasing” wrestlers and other staff and “wishing them the best in their future endeavors”.

“Future endeavors” is pretty much a euphemism for being fired amongst fans.”

13. Don’t hold back now.

“”Suggestion noted—and ignored!”

“Duly noted…and ignored!”

Or any variations.”

14. Think they’ll buy it?

“To a group: Thank you, you have been ALL (little pause and look around at them) most helpful.”

What do you think is the most professional way to tell someone to take a hike?

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