What’s the Strangest Recurring Dream You Have? Here’s What People Said.

Recurring dreams sure can be exhausting, can’t they?

You wake up after a restless night reliving the same situations over and over and you feel like you really didn’t even get any sleep.

Yuck! I really don’t like that!

Are you ready to hear about some weird ones?

AskReddit users talked about the strange recurring dreams they have.

1. Well, that’s weird.

“In the dream, I was 5 or 6 and I was being chased by a bobble head Justin Trudeau while I was chasing Bowser.”

2. Above the abyss.

“I keep dreaming about a noose. It hangs over an abyss, and I am on like a moving platform.

I get closer and closer and the noose goes around my neck. And I fall. I feel the pressure around my neck, my heartbeat slows down. I can’t breathe.

And I wake. This happened after my best friend committed suicide.”

3. Incoming!

“I am anywhere on earth, like school and home, when all of a sudden I look up and see a nuke heading for me, one time it was just raining atomic bombs and I got blown up and vaporized at school.

I have had this dream 4 times so far.”

4. A big task.

“I am in a large room with really tall, 30 or 40 foot tall bookcases.

I’m sitting on the floor amid piles and piles of books That I need to put back on the shelves.

I am just sobbing at the task ahead.”

5. The subway station.

“When I was about 3-5 I had this one dream of an empty white subway station, except it looked more like a grand ballroom with an area for a subway to roll in.

There were white columns on the left and right and my family (Mom, dad, sister) all had their luggage and were preparing to leave. I was at least 30 metres away from them, but I was stuck and I couldn’t move. I remember it was quiet. It was just us there.

Then a train came rolling into place quietly. I watched as they looked at me all at once, and then the doors slid open and they stepped inside. I remember them watching me as the train left.

I always crawled into bed with my dad after the dream. It wasn’t exactly a nightmare, but I was afraid.”

6. Waiting for the bus.

“I had this dream almost constantly after I first moved from a small little village to a bigger city. I still have it every once in a while.

I’m back in my old village on my way home from school. I walk through the village, make my way to the bus stop and look at the sign to see how long I’ll have to wait. That’s when I realize that I don’t live here anymore. I live in a city, more than 250 miles away from this bus stop, and I have no idea how to get there.

After that, it varies. Sometimes I go to the train station to catch the next train to my new and current home. Sometimes I go to the place where I used to live and ask my former housemate for help.

Sometimes I just sit down at the bus stop and wait for a bus that never comes.”

7. Anxiety dream.

“I dream that it’s the last day of the semester and that all my classes have finals.

The problem is that I’ve been skipping every class.

On top of that, I don’t remember what time or what building any of my classes take place.


8. Scary.

“I used to have dreams about tornados & the ending was typically me looking out over a landscape and seeing one or multiple tornados in the distance.

But now I’ll dream about moving, more accurately, realizing I’m moving the next day & I’m unprepared either by not having started yet or started but running out of time, or not having enough boxes, bags or space in a truck.

I remember one, my mother drove me to a new place, even though I didn’t want to move, all my stuff was already there in boxes, there was no power in the place & I couldn’t find any lights.”

9. The one that got away.

“I have dreams about an ex, the one that got away, and in my dreams he’s always off with his wife, or another woman never, ever with me.

Always wake up with a sad dream hangover.”

10. What’s this room?

“I frequently dream of finding unexpected rooms in my home that I forgot I had.

Usually “home” is an apartment I moved out of 20 years ago.”

11. I feel this one…

“Forgetting my locker combo or being late for a high school class.

I graduated high school 30 years ago.”

12. Time to fly.

“Jumping off the staircase at my old house and being able to fly.”

13. Free falling.

“You know that rumor about how if you fall in a dream and hit the ground, you’ll die? I’ve known that was a lie for a long time…

I used to have a recurring dream of falling. I think it was in the Grand Canyon, or some other such place, falling fast down the cliffs. This next part happened without pain: I would hit the rocks below. I could *hear* my bones break, and feel the ends grind. I felt tendons snap and blood vessels burst between rock and bone.

And then the dream would start over. I usually hit the ground around 4-5 times before waking.”

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