What’s the Strangest Unsolved Mystery? Here’s What People Said.

Boy, do I love unsolved mysteries.

And I’m talking about the ones I read about AND the television show of the same name.

Let’s hear from people on AskReddit about what they think is the strangest unsolved mystery they’ve ever heard about.

1. Whoops.

“The lost A-bomb off the coast of America, which the US government said not to worry about in the 1950s and tried to cover up.

It was dumped in the ocean in an aviation accident and it’s still lost to this day.

100x more powerful then what was dropped in Japan.”

2. Ahhhhh!

“The Catman of Greenock.

He’s a peculiar, non-verbal man who crawls around on his stomach, is covered in dirt and survives through eating rats. There was reported sightings in the 70’s and 80’s. There was no hard evidence of his existence until someone recorded him on their phone during 2007.

There’s lots of mixed opinions on him. Some swear that they encountered him. Others are certain that the whole thing is just a myth. But, a fair amount of people think that there might have been an original one and the guy who was spotted more recently is an imposter (or, it was a myth but someone pretended to be him for a laugh).”

3. A weird one.

“The case of the Somerton Man.

This man was found d**d on an Australian beach in 1948, and to this day, no one knows who he was or how he d**d.

The case has baffled investigators for over 70 years, and it remains one of the world’s most mysterious unsolved cases.”

4. Bloody mystery.

“Whatever happened to the “Bloody Benders” of Labette County, Kansas.

They were a family in the frontier days of Kansas that are suspected of being serial k**lers. After a few bodies showed up of people that had all been k**led in the same fashion, the Benders were suspected but nothing came of it until a few important people that stayed at their inn were never seen again.

The Benders disappeared and no knowledge of where they ended up or what, if anything, happened to them.”

5. What really happened?

“Arnold Archambeau (20), Ruby Bruguier (19) and Tracy Dion (17) were driving through the Yankton Sioux Indian Reservation in Lake Andes, South Dakota on December 12, 1992 when they lost control and crashed into a frozen ditch and flipped upside down.

Tracy, Ruby’s cousin, described seeing Ruby exit the vehicle out the passenger door and while Tracy reached for the door, Ruby seemingly shut it behind her, leaving her cousin in the car.

By the time help arrived, Ruby and Arnold were nowhere to be found. Police surveyed the surrounding area and around the ditch in the accident site but found nothing. Several months later in March of 1993, Ruby’s badly decomposed body was discovered 75 feet from the accident site.

To make things even stranger, Arnold’s body was found 15 feet from Ruby’s, submerged in the water but oddly, he had hardly decomposed at all. In fact, his clothes weren’t even frozen to the ground. Despite police searching the surrounding area numerous times over the months, they’d not seen Ruby or Arnold’s body.

There was even traces of Ruby’s hair found along the road, that couldn’t have stayed there and gone unnoticed for three months. It’s also been alleged by a witness who passed a polygraph test that she saw Arnold at a New Years Eve party, a full three weeks after the accident.

That’s what makes it so mysterious, it raises so many questions. Was it natural causes? Foul play? If a person abducted Arnold and Ruby, why didn’t the abductor find Tracy in the car and what are the odds someone would come across the accident in the early morning in a relatively remote area and be able to kidnap Arnold and Ruby?

How would law enforcement not notice a decomposing body for months some 75 feet away? If Arnold did survive the wreck, why was his body found back at the ditch in a different state of decomposition? It’s so bizarre.”

6. Jerome.


The mystery of a man found on a beach in Nova Scotia with both legs amputated above the knee and limited ability to communicate. The community took care of him the rest of his life and called him Jerome.

To this day there is no real information on who he was or where he came from, and there is a grave marked with just the name ‘Jerome’.”

7. Into thin air.

“The disappearances of Jason Jolkowski and Maura Murray.

Literally nothing to go on, especially in Jason’s case. It’s like he literally disappeared into thin air!

I really hope they find answers to these cases someday.”

8. Creepy stuff.

“Susan Powell.

Where is the body and what actually happened?

Good podcast called Cold that has a ton of interesting stuff in it, and creepy stuff from the husband and father-in-law.

Just no answer as to what actually happened.”

9. Men in masks.

“The Lead Masks case from Brazil. Two guys found d**d in a field wearing metal masks.

A note at the scene said: ’16:30 be at the specified location. 18:30 ingest capsules, after the effect protect metals await signal mask’.”

10. Awful.

“The 1991 Austin Texas yogurt shop m**ders.

Basically in Austin Texas 4 girls ages 13, 15, and 2 17 year olds were k**led and r**ed inside the yogurt shop before the perpetrators tried to burn the place down, likely to hide evidence.

It’s likely that there were multiple men responsible (2?) but to this day no one has a clue who did it.”

11. Missing.

“In January 2000 in Asheville, NC, Zebb Quinn went missing and has never been found.

I grew up with Zebb and knew him since elementary school. He was a kind kid, never got into fights, never saw him at parties in high school…in fact, never saw anything really to hate him for.

Just the idea that someone could k**l him is so bizarre to me, and all this time later we only have a few clues to go off of. So yeah, this one is a bit personal for me but that’s what makes it so strange.”

12. Very strange.

“Mohammed Atta.

The lead hijacker on 9/11 put almost 4,000 miles on a rental car in 4 days right before 9/11.

Where did he go and why?”

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