What’s the Weirdest Thing Someone’s Ever Said to You? Well, These 15 People Might Have You Beat

Image Credit: Pixabay

People are weird. If you ask me, that’s one of the best things about us. That said, there are moments when something comes out of a person’s mouth and you just stop and wonder what in the heck is wrong with them.

I imagine the 15 people below were thinking just that when they got hit with these 15 totally weird comments.

#15. Mmmm.

“I like your eyeballs.”

#14. Just for golf?

“A priest walked up to me. Said “you have a great figure for golf”. And then walked away.”

#13. And then she did.

“Can I lick your eye?” And then she did.”

#12. I was high for a week.

“An old lady sitting at the table behind me in a coffee shop once tapped me on the shoulder and asked if I’d ever done radio, because evidently I have a wonderful speaking voice and enunciation. I was high for a week on that compliment.”

#11. Like it was nothing.

“I used to work with children, so I have a ton of answers to this since kids say weird shit all the time, but I think one of my favorites was when a five year old came over to me and goes “so I’ve been thinking abut it, and I’ve decided that we could probably fit two and a half blue whales in this room” and then just walked off like it was nothing.”

#10. What if…

“What if we replaced all the beads in bean bags with teeth?”

#9. Sophie’s choice.

“If your girlfriend and mom swapped bodies and the only way to get them back to normal is to fuck one of them, which one would you fuck?”

#8. Quack quack

“I had just gone for a run, and was in the apartment elevator. An old man in the elevator said ‘i don’t go for walks because there are ducks.’ I was like ‘yeah,’ and then his wife was like ‘there is nothing wrong with ducks!'”

#7. I thought you were my son.

“I was shopping in a bookstore and an Asian woman comes up from behind me and starts talking to me.

I turn to see who this person is, and she says, “I’m sorry, I thought you were my son.”

I am a white female with long hair. I later see her son who is about 7 years old with short hair and is Asian…”

#6. I was walking my dog.

“What a cute kitty!”

I was walking my dog.”

#5. Not the dancer.

“Got stopped on the streets of Nice by an old asian woman, who asked me ‘Are you the dancer?’

To which I said ‘Yes.’

She said she was a big fan, I thanked her.

I am not the dancer.”

#4. Time, man…

“Stranger at the bus stop: Excuse me, what time is it?

Me: checks phone 3:00

Stranger: Why?

Me: ??? What?

Stranger: Why is it 3:00?

I told him I wasn’t sure. He looked utterly defeated and walked away”

#3. My only interaction.

“Someone drawing my blood during a blood drive asked if I was a Mormon. I was not. Neither was she. She didn’t explain why she asked that. This was my only interaction with this human.”

#2. A stranger in line.

“I love how good you Samoan guys are at football!”

Nevermind that I’m of European decent and he was a stranger in line behind me at Lowe’s.”

#1. Still want to be a sheep.

“You’re like a goat desperately trying to be a sheep”

Talking to a stoned friend about how I’d like to fit in more, it sort of made a lot of sense to me and really had one of those click in place and realization moments.​

Still want to be a sheep though.”

People, man. Gotta love ’em.