What’s the Worst Candy Ever Made? People Shared Their Thoughts.

I don’t have much of a sweet tooth, but I do enjoy some candy every once in a while.

I like Nerds, Smarties, Sno Caps, maybe an occasional Gobstopper.

But Hot Tamales?

I never understood why anyone would spend actual money on that trash. Yuck!

Oh, and I also like Whoppers, too, for the record.

Folks on AskReddit talked about what they believe is the worst candy ever made.

Let’s see what they had to say!

1. Haven’t forgotten.

“When they changed the Crunch Bar recipe.

That was a crime against humanity.”

2. Gross.

“Hose Nose

It’s a fake squish nose filled with candy that you strap to your face and squeeze it to drip the candy snot onto your tongue.”

3. That’s really bad.

“This toffee that was specially made to be extra sweet and sticky that was force fed to mentally disabled people living at Vipeholm hospital in Sweden in late forties to early fifties.

This was an experiment to see how bad sugar is for your teeth, and they gave it to the patients everyday until their teeth rot and fell out.

That has to be the worst candy ever made.”

4. WTF?

“The off brand Walgreens brand chocolate you get around easter.

It tastes chalky and like it was sweetened with Splenda.”

5. Nope.

“Those Bean Boozled jelly beans from Jelly Belly.

I know that they serve a purpose as a game but that game was a one and done for me, folks. The Jelly Belly company is too good at getting flavors right and the dog food one literally made me vomit.

Nope. Never again.”

6. I love those!

“Those wax soda bottles with like the tiniest amount of flavored liquid inside.

What was the f**king point of those?”

7. Good while it lasted.

“Fruit Stripe gum!

Tasted great… for 15 seconds.

Then it was a thin bland piece of gum that was almost too small to keep chewing.”

8. Yuck!

“Low end Candy Corn. It’s usually made from an edible wax and sweetener. You may as well be eating a chunk of wax.

High end Candy Corn is made with sugar and corn syrup, and is actually pretty good.”

9. The worst.

“The unidentifiable orange a black wrapped candies that somehow are only found on halloween given out by little old ladies.

Tastes like it’s been stored in the basement since the Great Depression”

10. Why?

“Those lollipops with scorpions or mealworms inside of them.

The ones where you can actively see the insect because it was put in there purposefully.”

11. All fired up.


They changed to a new recipe and now it tastes like s**t and it doesn’t have that crunch anymore.

F**king sucks.”

12. I remember…

“That candy that is dots on wax paper.

No matter how you try to eat them you will always get a mouthful of wax paper flavor.”

13. Never seen ’em.

“Clamdy canes.

Clam flavoured candy canes.”

14. Not appetizing.

“As licorice has already been mentioned, I’m gonna say candy hearts.

They taste like chalk, and are they supposed to be different flavours or…?”

Okay, you know the drill…

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