What’s the Worst Sound to Wake up To? Here Are 15 That Ring a Bell.

Image Credit: Pixabay

An unforgiving alarm clock? An explosion? Shrieking kids? Barfing, shrieking kids? No doubt you have some ideas of your own, but once you read through these 15 examples, you’ll realize what you’re dealing with might not be so bad after all.

#15. Old school horror

“The old alarms we all had in college. The little black digital one that plugged in but had a battery compartment just in case. The one that woke you up with that ear splitting EHXH EHCHH EHHZXH sound. . .I still jump when I hear that sound in movies.”

#14. Ugh go away

“Someone screaming your name.”

#13. Either or

“I don’t have kids but I imagine that blood-curdling, red in the face scream a young child can do is the worst. Either it’s something serious and that’s terrible or it’s not serious and it’s frustrating.”

#12. For the LOL

“My starfish yelling THE TANK IS CLEAN!!”

#11. Where there shouldn’t be any

“A burst pipe or any other sound of running water where there shouldn’t be any.”

#10. I mean…hard to argue

“A SWAT team breaching your front door.”

#9. An actual fire

“A fire alarm as a reaction to an actual fire.”

#8. The damn kittens

Cat giving birth. Our old cat (RIP) gave birth under the bed right up the end where our heads were and the noise of the cat and then the damn kittens was horrible as hell at 3am.

#7. No matter who is doing it


#6. First world problems

“Your phone being unlocked by your jealous partner.”

#5. Can confirm

“That, ‘Hurk… Hurk… Hurk…’ sound your cat makes before throwing up.”

#4. You told your ma

“The sound of the garbage truck coming down the block and you gonna get a ass whoopin cause you were gaming late the night before and told your ma that you wouldn’t forget to take the trash out.”

#3. Close by

“Rifle fire. Close by.”

#2. Someone’s in the house

“Girlfriend – “there’s someone in the house”.

This actually happened and I found two smack-heads downstairs trying to steal mobile phones, purse and more worrying…photo albums!

Thankfully they ran when confronted as all I had to defend us was an iron!”

#1. Midwest life

“Tornado sirens. My brain eventually decided it hated them so much that I could sleep through them despite living 100 feet from one.”