What’s Your Best Little-Known Travel Tip? Here’s What People Said.

Traveling to out-of-the-way places is the best!

You’re not surrounded by tourists and you really get to soak in the culture of another place!

And, with that, let’s hear from AskReddit users about their lesser-known travel tips.

Get started now, friends!

1. Good one!

“I bring old underwear, socks, clothes the kids are about to outgrow, etc, and then throw them out before we leave to make room for souvenirs.”

2. Smart.

“If you are bringing water bottles or travel coffee mugs cut a kitchen sponge into pieces, soak with dish soap, then toss in a Ziploc bag.

You can use the sponges to wash water bottles/tumblers in the hotel sink.”

3. Save some money.

“Book directly with the hotel.

They’ll almost always beat the online rates by a few bucks.”

4. Pro tips.

“Never eat where you see other tourists eating. Look for a place jammed with locals.

Never let anyone “take” you anywhere. This applies especially to taxi drivers and random strangers.

Don’t bring anything you “might” need and can acquire locally if you do.”

5. FYI.

“Call your bank in advanced if you’re traveling internationally unless your bank app has a feature where you can automatically turn on international purchases.”

6. You never know.

“Keep a small toiletry bag in your carry on luggage.

You never know when your checked luggage will disappear.”

7. The system.

“Roll all your clothes. Rubber band them using a color-coding system.

Green rubber band means “never worn”, yellow rubber band means “worn once, still ok”, red rubber band means “Needs to be washed before wearing again.”

8. Looks funny, but…

“Get a fanny pack when travelling.

It doesn’t count as a personal item, so you can carry “more weight” with it.

I generally use it to keep phone, passport, external battery, charger, pen and wallet.”

9. Keep it light.

“Pack as light as possible!

The advantages of travelling with a daypack alone are huge. Less waiting, no lost luggage. Move freely without enormous hiking backpacks slowing you down.

You probs don’t need most the clothing you pack, especially in warmer destinations.”

10. I love this one!

“Read two books about the place before you go. One fiction, one non-fiction.

Try to get some context, a limited understanding, and follow your interests. Don’t just go for the beach or for the selfie.

Ideally, your interests will eventually guide both your reading and your travel.”

11. Block it all out.

“The secret to using the ear plugs for maximum effect on an airplane is to seriously squeeze them down into a really thin and long roll like they’re play dough, and then quickly slide them deep into your ears before they have a chance to expand so that they expand to completely fill your ear canal.

It also helps make sure that they wont fall out.”

12. Score!

“Try searching for flights in the airline’s original language.

I saved $700 booking tickets in Peru by using Spanish rather than English.”

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