What’s Your Favorite Question You Ask Someone to Get to Know Them Better? Here’s What People Said.

How do you like to get to know someone?

And what are the questions you like to ask to dig a little bit deeper and find out what they’re all about?

It can be hard to do this if you don’t have a ton of practice or you’re not naturally a very outgoing person.

But we’re gonna try to fix that today!

What question do you ask someone to get to know them better?

Here’s what people on AskReddit had to say.

1. Good one.

“Whats the most obscure fact you know that would make you win on Jeopardy?”

2. A two-fer.

“I use two.

What is your ‘everyday superpower’ I.e. My SO always gets amazing parking, always picking the fastest line at the supermarket

What’s in the trunk of your car right now? This leads to hilarious answers in my experience.”

3. I’d like to hear these responses.

“If I gave you the money to set up a theme restaurant or bar, what would be the theme?

What would you call the establishment?

What would be the signature cocktail?”

4. Could go either way.

“Have you read any good books recently?

Oddly, this makes people really excited about a book they are reading or sad that they haven’t read one lately.”

5. Let’s get to know you.

“What’s your mothers maiden name, the name of your first pet, and the name of the first street you lived on?”

6. LOL.

“I asked my students today what is their biggest fear.

They each wrote their answer on a post it note anonymously and didn’t see other answers until they were all on the board.

It was hilarious how many of them answered “my mom”.”

7. It works!

“I like to ask what someone’s favorite food is. It’s a good conversation starter.

Everyone has a favorite food, it’s innocent but very personal, and there’s usually a story or insight into their background.”

8. I’m sure it works.

“”What are you sure you know more about than me?”

This one checks tons of boxes like: Starting a topic, getting more insight to their interests, having them talk about a topic they are passionate about, you learning a ton of stuff, and much more.”

9. Who doesn’t love pets?

“Pets are a good one.

If they don’t have any pets, ask them what pet they would want, or any childhood/old pets. It’s personal, but not too personal.

Also, people love talking about their pets.”

10. Spooky!

“I like to ask people if they have any really good ghost stories.

Depending on their religion or culture or upbringing, I’ve heard some pretty awesome experiences.

Particularly from NYC cab drivers.”

11. Good stuff.

“My 29 year old special needs daughter has a list she likes to use…

What is your favourite reptile?

What is your favourite fighter jet?

What is your favourite bird of prey?

What is your favourite dinosaur?

What is your favourite venomous snake?”

12. Ice breaker.

“I went to a music outing with this girl I recently started seeing and her friend was ditched so we said that he could join us. When trying to get to know each other better, he asked me “what my favorite breakfast food was.”

We had a solid fifteen minute conversation about french toast and different toppings and how an egg should be prepared depending on how you had spent your previous evening. Great ice breaker.”

Now we want to hear from you!

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