What’s Your “You Don’t See That Every Day” Story? Here’s What People Said.

I live in a neighborhood that some people might call “up and coming”.

So it’s a mix of just about every kind of person you can imagine: old, young, black, white, Asian, upper-middle-class, poor.

And it definitely makes for some interesting people watching from my front porch, which I like to do. And sometimes I see some stuff that really makes me scratch my head or roll my eyes.

Folks on AskReddit talked about things they saw that made them say, “you don’t see that every day!” Let’s take a look.

1. A legend.

“I saw a dude absolutely BOMBING a hill on a skateboard, joint in hand, and a crossbow on his back.

Not like a little one.

Like a medieval reenactment crossbow used for storming the gates of Helms Deep.”

2. Double whammy.

“An ambulance ran over a pedestrian while on the way to a medical emergency, so they picked up the pedestrian they just ran over and came back to the hospital.

Fortunately both emergencies turned out okay.”

3. They know what they’re doing.

“On vacation in London my wife and I were waiting for a train in a tube station.

Two trains arrived at the station before ours showed up. As a native New Yorker, I was comforted to see that pigeons live in subway stations everywhere.

The first train pulls into the station and the doors open. As people enter and exit the train, one pigeon flutters down from the ceiling, lands on the platform and calmly walks onto the train like he’s off to work or something. My wife and I laugh about this a little as the doors closed and the train pulls away from the station.

The second train pulls into the station, the doors open, and people shuffle out. After a moment a different pigeon walks out of this train and then flutters up to spot vacated by the first pigeon.

Anyway, seems like London pigeons have the tube pretty much figured out.”

4. Look out!

“A big old ceramic tub flew off a flatbed truck and exploded into a million pieces on the interstate.”

5. Impromptu concert.

“Worked as a waiter and after we finished one night a dr**k man was walking down the street.

One of my coworkers recognized him and asked if he was the German opera singer doing a show in the city.

He answered yes and asked if we would like to hear him sing. So he gave us a 3 minute private concert in the middle of the night drunk of his a**.”

6. Your reward.

“I helped a German guy at CVS jump his car.

To thank me, he gave me a fancy bottle of shampoo.”

7. You can do it!

“While jogging slowly up a steep hill, I got cheered on by the driver of the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile.”

8. Awestruck.

“I was walking through my neighborhood with a couple friends one morning and a couple women drive up to us and ask if we have seen their horse.

We were confused and told them no sorry and they drove away but literally 30 seconds later a horse runs out of the woods about 10 feet in front of us and runs past us down the street.

We were all awestruck.”

9. Runaway bride?

“A bride in her wedding gown running in the train station being chased by two women holding the train of her dress.”

10. Are you okay?

“I once took the Chunnel from London to Paris, first time ever doing so, or even being in France for that matter.

As I was walking through the station a dude ran up to me and started quacking like a duck.

I still wonder how that dude is doing two years later…”

11. I’ll take that!

“Watched a guy on a quad drop his hat, look back and decide to leave it behind.

About 2 minutes later, some guy in a tan car drives up, swerves around it, stops, leans out of the car, picks up the hat, puts it on and then just drives away like nothing happened.”

12. Celeb sighting!

“At around 3 am, I saw a man rollerblading through the lobby of the Ritz Carlton.

I could not believe the hotel staff were just letting him get away with this but no one even attempted to stop him.

I ended up getting on the elevator behind him.

The man was Jim Carrey.”

13. What did I just see?

“When i was working nights on security I saw two cats getting chased by a rat.

I questioned life for a brief moment.”

What’s your “you don’t see that every day” story?

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