When a Scammer Gets Between a Woman and Her PS5, She Gets Even

Image credit: Twitter

We are all looking for good internet deals these days, especially with things being so expensive or hard to get.

And we all know that if a deal seems too good to be true, then it probably is.

But sometimes people need a life-experience reminder to be cautious about what they buy over the internet.

It doesn’t usually work out as well as it did for artist Brittany Everette.

It all started when she couldn’t find a PS5 for sale–and she really wanted one.

So she decided to try an after-market deal she found through Twitter.

Everything seemed legit, so Brittany paid half of the price up front, and then waited anxiously for her new system to arrive.

There were red flags almost immediately.

They had agreed she would pay the rest on arrival, but he needed it sooner.

The sick kid angle seems like the oldest trick in the book, but Brittany has a good heart and decided to trust him.

He just had to send her concrete evidence that he’d mailed the gaming system.

He agreed, and again, it seemed legit, so she helped him out and paid the other half.

As soon as he had her money, though, he blocked her on Twitter and deleted her from his phone.

She was devastated and no one could help. Not her bank, not Apple Pay.

Brittany had made a terrible error in judgment, and she was down, but she wasn’t out.

Not yet.

She tried to contact him again, and this time she gave him an ultimatum.

Still, he ignored her.

So what could she do, but come up with a plan to torment him?

He even kept changing his username which seems like a lot of work, especially if you’re going to scam more than one person.

Clearly the guy wasn’t a professional.

Armed with that knowledge, Detective Brittany was on the case.

Remember the saying “Criminals are stupid”? Well, this fella didn’t cover his tracks very well.

Brittany even found his email address.

Then he really slipped up.

Whoops. Wrong move, buddy. Should’ve just gone dark.
Instead of filing a police report, she made up a law firm called PA & P Legal.

And then she contacted every email address she had found, including those belonging to his family members.

While Brittany will admit that her email was obviously fake, it’s a lot more official and professional sounding than the fraudulent voicemails I get these days.

Anyway, she turned off her phone and went to relax for awhile–until her scammer started trying to contact her husband.

Then the story takes quite a turn. The fiancée was not at all amused.

Mr. Con Man reached out, full of apologies and “woe is me.”

It seemed he was full of apologies, but not much else. He still “didn’t have” Brittany’s money.

So she tattled on him to his fiancée.

TL;DR: She warned him. And she got her money back.

Some commenters suggested she should have asked for MORE money, but she replied that then she would have been just as bad as he was, and although she still wanted a PS5, she was happy to just get her money back.

When asked what she learned from the experience, she said:

that ima just have to wait until 2025 for this gaming system bc I’m never buying from a reseller again 😂😂😂

The first moral of the story is, don’t try to take advantage of people.

The second moral of the story is, don’t settle for being taken advantage of.

Can you believe this crazy story? Would you have had the patience to con the guy into giving you your money back? Tell us in the comments!