When His HOA Forced Homeowner to Remove His Trampoline, He Got Sweet Revenge

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HOAs are a pretty mixed bag — some really just keep to themselves and help ensure the neighborhood stays neat and tidy. Others, well, they have a tendency to overreach. And when that happens, a homeowners association can make your life a living hell.

But one homeowner successfully took matters into his own hands. After his HOA board tried to force him to remove the trampoline from his backyard, he decided to simply get himself and several of his friends elected to the board, effectively kicking out the old guard.

You can read the full story for yourself:

HOA board tries to force me to remove my trampoline, I get them removed from the board instead
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Naturally, people were pretty inspired by his plan, which actually worked.

But they also pointed out that while he won the battle, he may have lost the war … on adulthood:

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But if he’s on the HOA board, is he now the bad guy in someone else’s story?

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As always, Redditors offered some useful wisdom — that he should watch his back now that he’s got the HOA power:

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And they shared a great idea for putting the final nail in the coffin, figuratively and literally:

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Others agreed. If he can’t disband it entirely, he could at least just make it utterly useless:

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One final word on this matter: HOAs may sound great in theory, but in practice … they often cause more harm than good. Best to just tell your realtor you’re only looking for homes without an HOA

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What’s your take on HOAs? Love them? Hate them? Can’t live without them? Do you have any HOA horror stories?

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