Where Are They Now? Updates on 10 Disney Movie Channel Stars You Haven’t Thought About in a While

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You know you loved the Disney Movie Channel, don’t even try to deny it. But what happens to all those kids who starred in all those movies?

A whole bunch of different stuff, it turns out! Here’s an update on 10 people who you’ll remember from the Disney Movie Channel’s past.

1. Kimberly J. Brown from Halloweentown


Brown is still acting, has her own YouTube channel, and is actually dating actor Daniel Kountz, her co-star in Halloweentown II.

2. Kirsten Storms from Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century


Storms now stars on General Hospital and she’s a mother.

3. Ryan Merriman from Smart House/Luck of the Irish/A Ring of Endless Light


Merriman is still acting and, judging by his IMDB page, he’s keeping very busy with roles.

4. Chez Starbuck from The Thirteenth Year


Starbuck lives in Texas and is a husband and a father. He doesn’t appear to currently be acting, but he had this to say about being a child actor: “I think it would have been better if I had led up into it (acting) by doing other smaller stuff and then actually got into a bigger role. (After landing a starring role right out of the gate) It psyches you up like, ‘Now I can just go out and get a whole other bunch of stuff.’ But it’s not like that.”

5. Andrew Lawrence from The Other Me


Lawrence has two famous actor brothers, Joey (“woah!”) and Matthew, and the three of them have a band called Still 3. Andrew is still acting as well.

6. Erin Chambers from Don’t Look Under the Bed


Chambers lives in California with her husband and kids and is still in the acting game. She even made an appearance on The X-Files last year.

7. Danielle Panabaker from Stuck in the Suburbs


Panabaker currently stars on CW’s show The Flash.

8. Brandon Baker from Johnny Tsunami


Baker is not acting currently and he lives in Colorado. Looks like he’s also in love!

9. Spencer Breslin from You Wish


Breslin is no longer acting. These days he’s a musician. Check out his music HERE.

10. Lindsey Haun from The Color of Friendship


Haun has an online morning talk show and has acted in the HBO hit show True Blood.