These Whisky-Filled Capri Sun Pouches Are Beautiful Proof That Your Inner Child Is a Lush

©Facebook, Whisky Me

Looking for a great gift for someone for the holidays? If you’re tired of giving the same old stuff year after year, you need to check this out.

Photo Credit: Facebook, Whisky Me

Whisky Me is a new subscription-based company that selects the finest whiskies in the world and mails you a different one each month. The coolest part of the whole deal? That would be the nifty Capri Sun-style pouches that your monthly whiskies come in.

Photo Credit: Facebook, Whisky Me

One catch: the subscription is only available in the UK for now. But let’s all cross our fingers and hope that the company expands overseas – or at least that someone in the US starts a similar company. Because we all need something like this in our lives, don’t you think?

Photo Credit: Pixabay

h/t: Mashable