As someone who grew up in Kansas, I’ve heard a lot of debate over the years about whether abolitionist John Brown should be viewed as a hero.

On one hand, there’s a huge painting of him inside the Kansas Capitol building that pretty much every kid in the state visits at least once.

On the other hand…well, the guy was kind of a psycho and he k**led people…so there’s that…

People on AskReddit talked about who they believe are wrongly portrayed as heroes.

Here’s what they had to say.

1. Hmmm…

“The Map from Dora.

Say what you want but that lil MF is working with Swiper.

How does he always know where Dora is or where she’s going?”

2. Interesting.

“Greg Heffley from Diary of A Wimpy Kid.

He’s such a s**tty friend to Rowley.”

3. What a creep.

“Jack from Jack and the Beanstalk.

He breaks into the giants house, steals his treasure, then k**ls him when the giant tries to get his gold back…”

4. Good witch?

“Glinda the “good witch.”

She m**dered the witch of the East, stole her shoes, and gave them to Dorothy. She then tells Dorothy that if she wants to get home, she should go see the Wizard.

After the wizard is revealed as a fraud, Glinda shows up and is all like “You could’ve gone home any time you like by clicking your heels together.””

5. Thoughts?

“Bryce Dallas Howard in Jurassic World.

She was just an a**hole the whole movie.”

6. Darn mouse.

“Jerry from Tom and Jerry.

He annoys Tom and when Tom tries to catch him, Tom has to face the consequences instead of Jerry.”

7. Controversial figure.

“J. Edgar Hoover.

Anything but a hero but FBI headquarters is named after him.”

8. A hot take.

“Carrie Bradshaw is a horrible friend, a manipulative and flaky partner, and a deeply irresponsible person all around.”

9. Not a hero.

“PT Barnum exploited marginalized people and was not the hero portrayed in “The Greatest Showman.””

10. Deadbeat.

“Mrs Doubtfire. He was a deadbeat dad and lost custody.

He was given very fair terms to see his kids again. Get a stable job and stock being a passive aggressive deadbeat. Instead he decides to pretend to be a old lady to infiltrate his own house and use that knowledge to manipulate his family.

Then when his wife dates a Pierce Brosnan, who seems like an good dude and genuinely liked her kids and was willing to be a father figure for them, what does he do. Vandalises his car and knowing gives him cayenne pepper that he knows he is d**thly allergic to.

The poor guy could have d**d. But it’s okay cause Mrs Doubtfire is the hero.”

11. A real brat.

“Tinker Bell.

She’s so self entitled, inconsiderate, and a brat . She blames everything on everyone else when it’s her fault .

She’s not some fairy hero , just someone who messes up s**t , then has to clean up for it after blaming a series of people .”

12. Don’t believe the hype.


She asked the Olsen twins their clothes size at the height of their eating disorder.

She also had cult leaders featured on her show, like John of God.”

13. Not fair.

“Elsa from Frozen.

Almost k**ls her sister twice and is still heralded.

Anna saves the day but Elsa gets all the hype.”

Who do you think is wrongly remembered as a hero?

Talk to us in the comments and let us know.

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