Why and How You Should Get Rid of Your Sentimental “Junk”

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Most of us realize that we’re holding on to too much crap because of its “sentimental value.” It’s things from our childhood, from our youth, things we wrote or attended, or that belonged to parents (or children) we’ve loved and lost.

We know it just clutters up our homes, closets, or basements. We never look at it, never take it out, certainly never use it, and yet we can’t seem to make ourselves throw it away.

Here are some reasons why you should consider doing just that, though, and some ideas on how you could convince yourself to make it happen.

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There is a difference between junk that was once owned by someone you love, and a gift that a loved one wanted passed down and cherished for all eternity – just like there’s a difference between holding onto high school yearbooks that your kids might one day want to peruse and keeping a corsage from your prom pressed between pages.

If things from your past are taking over your life, and you’re starting to not be able to tell the difference between trash and treasures, it might be time to take stock and only keep the things that actually help you remember the fondness of the people and times that came before.

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If someone gave you something because they were moving, or because they were planning on putting it in a garage sale and thought you might be able to use it, you’re good to toss it. It didn’t mean anything to them and it doesn’t need to mean anything to you, either.

Even if a relative or friend did gift it to you, or you’ve been holding onto a box of college memorabilia very intentionally, it’s ok to reassess from time-to-time. Not everything needs to be kept forever, and if you can’t remember why you have it or it’s no longer helpful in your current life, you can take a deep breath and let it go.

If you keep it for longer than you want it, or it’s causing you more grief than joy, it’s only going to give you the wrong association with where or who it came from, either, and nobody wants that.

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So the next time you’ve got some spring cleaning to do, make sure you take a good, hard look at those boxes that haven’t been opened, or those pans that are perpetually in the backs of your cabinets, and remember – there’s beauty in celebrating who we are and where we came from, but there’s beauty in letting go, too.

Make good decisions, people. I’m rooting for you.

So what do you think? Getting rid of your stuff soon?

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