People Are Saying This Influncer Should Be Arrested After Dumping Cereal On NYC Subway

Photo Credit: Wikimedia commons

There are many things to be outraged about: poverty, the environment, and social issues. But cereal?

You either love cereal, or you at least don’t understand what the big deal is. So why are people clamoring to arrest this cereal-throwing TikToker?

Well, as you know, we’re in the middle of a tiny worldwide pandemic (unless you live in New Zealand or Antarctica).

Tik Tok user Josh Popkin took part in what he thought was a funny prank. He thought it would be great to spill some cereal in an NYC subway—much to the ire of his city’s fellow residents.


Unlike the stereotypes we believe about New York City’s residents, NYC folks are actually a caring bunch. If this had been a genuine accident, we can bet that people would’ve acted with compassion, or at least turned the other way.

Of course, this was a planned prank that included cereal with milk. The MTA had strong words for Popkin.

Social media users responded with anger because they knew essential workers were the ones who cleaned up this sticky mess. Not only did people criticize the fact that Popkin for his insensitive joke and the mess it created, people also went for his sense of humor.


There were several other critics.

Eventually, some people called for his arrest.

Plus, some people pointed out that perhaps this Tik Toker needs to read the room.

So yeah, cereal is inoffensive and still part of a good breakfast—just don’t spill it on public transportation.

What did you think of this Tik Tok prank? Let us know what you think appropriate amends might be!