Why Do You Like to Be Alive? People Share Their Answers.

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The older I get, the more I realize it’s the little things that make me happy in life.

Sure, I’d love to take a trip around the world next week on a private yacht, but it just ain’t happening right now.

So I enjoy the small stuff.

A good meal. Reading a book in bed. Drinking a beer on my front porch. Watching a hockey game with my dad. At the end of the day, those are the things that make life worth living.

Why do you like to be alive?

Here’s what AskReddit users had to say about this.

1. Old people can teach us a lot.

“There’s an old man I sometimes visit who can talk your ear off for hours on end. You’ll sit down with him, and he’ll start to unload his stories, one after the other, of his old friends, his years in the radio industry, and his misadventures chasing women.

Once, half-way through his usual ramble, he stopped, turned to me, and said “you know what? Life is fun. And it stinks to know that I’m getting close to the end, because the whole thing’s just been so damned fun.”

That’s always stuck with me. It’s my belief that the person who’s had the most successful life is the one who, when it’s all said and done, has the best stories to tell his grandkids.”

2. Things to do.

“There’s a lot of places I still want to go, books I want to read, movies I want to see.

Even if I don’t get to experience it all before I die, I like the anticipation of it all.”

3. Nice and simple.

“I haven’t tried all the restaurants in my area and it actually has been a good motivator to cherish the whole life thing.”

4. Man’s best friend.

“My dogs.

I can’t imagine leaving them behind.

It’s hard enough leaving them home when you go to work.”

5. Many things.

“Watching sunrises with a hot cup of tea.

Singing my favorite songs in a place with good acoustics. Using really soft yarn to knit something nice for someone. Calling a friend and hearing the joy in their voice when they realize it’s me. Snow days. Making s’mores at a bonfire. It’s all the little things. I hope you can find all the little things you love in life. There’s so many!

Please be safe, friend!”

6. Lucky to be here.

“Every time I accomplish something, or finish an assignment, I just feel so fucking proud of myself.

I feel so lucky to be alive and in the place in the world I have.”

7. Don’t give up.

“To enjoy and experience things that make me truly happy while I still can.

There’s always opportunity to enjoy life, even if it doesn’t seem like it, and I’m glad I learned that rather than giving up.”

8. Sometimes, you have to fight for it.

“I fought for it and got it back. Stood on a bridge in December but family and therapy got me back on track.

There are still a lot of lost emotions and confusion within me but my therapist and me are working on it.”

9. Damn right!

“I never knew my father, and my wife is pregnant with our first child.

I like being alive because I’m about to get the chance to be the dad I needed when I was growing up.”

10. Happiness.

“I’ve gotten the opportunity to live and enjoy doing what I do.

I’ve found interesting friends and hobbies and I’m generally happy with where I am.”

11. A survivor.

“I survived cancer. I was given weeks to live, and miraculously got remission. Life post-cancer is a terrible struggle, mentally and physically, but I wouldn’t trade it for the alternative.

I now get to watch my adorable niece grow up. I get
to look at the world with a completely different
perspective. I get to enjoy being with my wife and
traveling the world as much as possible.

Death would solve a lot of the pain I currently live with, but the eternal sadness it would cause my family would haunt me.”

12. The best.

“Seeing the joy on my kids faces when I come home from work.

Their excitement warms my heart.”

13. Friends are family.

“I love my friends

I legit do not know what ill be without them

Or them without me

You guys are loved.”

14. As simple as that.


I love to feel. I have no idea if that will be something I can experience once I’m gone. And it’s rather very fascinating.

Experiencing in general is probably the better term. I can try so much and there still is something I don’t know anything about. A new kind of cooking, a new sport. Climbing another mountain, seeing new things. Having the next fall come in and see the leaves in a new pattern of red, orange and yellow.

And this is just without leaving my usual environment. The sheer difference it would make if I just now took a plane to somewhere in Asia and start a new life there is mind boggling, but beautiful.

I love that about life. It never gets old.”

It was very interesting reading through those responses.

How about you? What makes you happy to be alive?

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