Why Dogs Are Scared of Thunderstorms and How You Can Help

Thunderstorms can honestly be a bit scary for humans, too, depending on their ferocity, or maybe how expected – or unexpected – that clap of thunder may be. That said, there’s something terrible about that helpless feeling we get when our precious puppers are frightened and there’s nothing we can do to help.

Most dogs are unsure and distressed by unexpected loud noises – storms, fireworks, sirens the lot of them – and since dogs can’t watch the weather, they’re never going to be prepared.

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They can sense changes in the wind, temperature, and barometric pressure, but they’re unlikely to connect those things to impending loud noises.

Not only that, but a buildup of static electricity can worry dogs with longer and thicker coats, adding to their agitation.

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Which is to say, there are more than a few reasons dogs might not like thunderstorms, and it will probably be hard to figure out what’s most distressing to your pooch.

If you can, though, you’ll be able to better help them cope.

The dog is hiding under the sofa and afraid to go out. The concept of dog’s anxiety about thunderstorm, fireworks and loud noises. Pet’s mental health, excessive emotionality, feelings of insecurity. (The dog is hiding under the sofa and afraid to go

If your dog prefers the bathroom, they could be attracted to the cold, smooth surfaces unlikely to hold a static charge.

You could try an anti-static jacket, or rub them down with anti-static dryer sheets.

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If it’s not that, try making a quiet, dark place for your pup to wait out the storm – a blanket draped over their kennel, blinds drawn, or even a white noise machine might do the trick.

Stress is as bad for your dog as it is for a human; if their anxiety gets bad, talk to your veterinarian about medication.

What do you think, dog owners? Have any tips to help your pooches survive the storm?

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