Why Ginger Ale Should Be Your Go-To In-Flight Drink

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Ready to rethink what you drink on an airplane?

You may already have a favorite flying beverage, but the next time you travel, if you’re craving something crisp and satisfying, try a bubbly ginger ale.

Your on the ground experience with ginger ale may be limited to days when you don’t feel one hundred percent. Or you may be used to ginger ale as only a mixer.

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So drinking a ginger ale by itself? Sounds weird, doesn’t it?

As a soft drink, ginger ale is not nearly as popular as the Coca-Colas and the Dr. Peppers are, particularly in the United States. In the skies, however, ginger ale is at the top of the pops.

The thin, dry air in a plane, coupled with less atmospheric pressure, actually changes the way our taste buds react to certain flavors. Saltiness and sweetness don’t register on our tongues the same way they do on the ground. That’s why salty bloody mary’s and tomato juice taste so good when we fly.

It’s also why sweet ginger ale tastes so refreshing, so crisp and dry. So…exactly what you might be craving.

Ginger has long been a home remedy for upset stomachs. So, if you’re a nervous flyer with a twitchy tummy, a ginger ale can help settle it.

Be aware though, some ginger ales (like Canada Dry) actually have no ginger in them. The flavor and the carbonation is what can soothe stomaches.

You may get lucky, though, and be offered a brand with real ginger. If you see it on the cart, ask for it. You’ll be glad you did.

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Ginger ale is just the sort of drink that helps make flying the special event that it is. The taste and bubbles make traveling almost festive. Next time, order the ginger ale.