Why Not Make Your Oatmeal With Coffee Instead of Water?

Photo Credit: Pxfuel

Oatmeal-for-breakfast eaters, Twitter is about to change your life.

If you’ve been living under the impression water is the only liquid you can use for making your daily oatmeal, you could not be more wrong.

What else do you usually have for breakfast? Why, coffee, of course. So, is there any reason you couldn’t combine your oatmeal with your coffee for one turbo-charged morning entree?

The answer is nope.

Of course, there were some skeptics.

But, it seemed as if the rebellion had already started.

People were riffing. It got a little crazy.

The combos were flying.

I mean, how far can we go with this?

Maybe a little too far.

A serving of this would certainly get you going in the morning.

But while a few people weren’t on board…


…others were all about it.

And, that’s what Twitter does. It brings people together to brainstorm brilliant breakfast ideas for the betterment of society.

Can you even imagine the technological advancements we would have by now if people were powered in the morning using coffee to make oatmeal?

We’d be on Mars today, people. All use of fossil fuels would be eliminated. No more wars. Food and medicine a human right.