Why You Should Always Tip Your Delivery Driver With Cold, Hard Cash

Most of us are relying on delivery drivers more than ever. They’re bringing our food, our groceries, our Target orders, Amazon shows up a couple of times every day….

We know (I hope) that we should be tipping these people, who are working hard to make sure our lives remain fairly normal, in some cases risking their lives.

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That said, I think there’s a lot of confusion surrounding the tip – how much, how often, and how to hand it over.

Cash is the answer, at least to the last question, and here’s why.

Some food delivery services guarantee a minimum payment for their drivers, which might seem like a good thing.

When business is slow, it is a good thing – the driver gets paid a base amount even if there aren’t orders – but it also means that any electronic tips also go toward that base pay.

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If you want to make sure the tip goes straight to your driver, you have to hand them cash directly.

If you don’t often have cash, or have trouble remembering to have it on hand, you can choose to use a service that gives tips to employees.

These 4 services allow employees to keep 100% of the tips they receive, digital or otherwise.


These 3 popular services keep driver’s electronic tips and put them toward their base hourly pay:

Amazon Flex

So now you know *hinthint*.

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As always, the best rule of thumb is tipping in cash is the safest route… even if you’re ordering directly from a restaurant.

Because who doesn’t like cash, right?

The more you know!