Why You Should Embrace the New Normal of Always Texting Before You Call

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As a child of the eighties, I can tell you that I do, in fact, remember growing up during a time when, if you wanted to talk to someone, you had to actually call the on the phone. At their house. Where their parents might answer.

I know. The horror.

While there are many things about that sunlight, technology-free youth that I miss, I have to admit, I’ve totally embraced the “text don’t call” attitude that has followed the placement of a cell phone in the majority of hands.

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Society has evolved quickly, along with technology, and most people now feel like calling without texting first, or without trying a less intrusive manner of communication, feels entitled and demanding of someone’s time.

Like, drop what you’re doing right now and talk to me.

Not only do most people not enjoy an unscheduled phone call, one that’s missed is also less likely to be returned than a text message that’s waiting there in black and white, suggesting gently that you remember to reply.

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If someone waits to reply to a message until they have the time to focus on it, you’re also likely to get a more well thought out response, rather than something they say to you in a harried moment if you’ve called and snagged them at a bad time.

You probably have contacts you don’t follow these rules – your parents, your kids, your siblings, and close friends probably enjoy hearing your voice, and are also close enough to you to tell you they just don’t have time to chat.

Also, emergencies and perhaps illness or deaths in the family, other conversations that feel too impersonal to share over text, warrant a call.

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Except for those few circumstances, though, you’re going to want to start texting – your relationships will be healthier, you’ll be happier, and there will be less stress all around.

And if that doesn’t sound like the ideal world, I don’t know what does!