Wife Makes List of What Her “Hubby” Can’t Do at a Bachelor Party, and the Internet Has Concerns…

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First of all, can we all agree that using the words “hubby” and “wifey” are extremely annoying? Thank you, I’m glad you see it my way. Let’s move on.

A woman posted on Facebook about her husband going to a bachelor party and the ground rules that she laid down for him while on this little getaway. I think it’s safe to say none of this kind of action will be taking place.



So, the wife laid out a laundry list of rules that made me say to myself, “why even bother going to the party at all?” Here is the complete list in all of its glory.

“Hubby.” Ugghhh. No drugs? WTF???

Okay, that’s kind of a joke, but no alcohol at a bachelor party? Also…no hurting each other? Now you’ve really crossed the line, ma’am.

How about “all phones must be tracked at all times”? Wow. Oh, wait, there was an update to her post.

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You read that right. HE WASN’T ALLOWED TO GO AFTER ALL.

Pretty unbelievable. The list was posted on Reddit where people were pretty vocal about their thoughts on the matter.

“Congratulations on your divorce.”

“Pretty sure this lady doesn’t want anyone mingling at this party. She’ll be there, enforcing 3′ minimum distance between any two people at all times.”

“Can’t control him so I’m going to control him… perfect logic.”

“Abusive relationships will often have the abusive partner attempt to control access to friends and family to keep them from seeking help or support outside the home. While it is less common for a man to be abused by his wife, it does happen.

This post is an example of such an abusive relationship.”

“This is kind of like the lady that made her boyfriend take the lie detector every time he came home to check if he had been talking to other women.”

Do you think he owns this shirt?


What a buzzkill…not to mention way over the top controlling.

Please share your thoughts in the comments, I really can’t wait to read these.