Wine and Cheez-Its in One Box? Consider Your Next Girls Night Catered

Original House Wine

Wine and cheese are a well-known pair of food-and-drink lovebirds that shouldn’t be separated, no matter if you’re having a fancy party or a picnic on the lawn.

But some people just aren’t that fancy, and, as anyone who has eaten cheese both outside and inside of America can tell you…we also don’t know anything about good cheese.

We’re not brought up with the stinky blue cheeses favored across the pond, so we put “cheese product” on our sandwiches and call it good.


And now, we pair our (boxed) wine with our (boxed) cheese (crackers).

Today reports that Kellogg, which makes Cheez-Its, and House Wine have come together to create a combo pack that contains the classic version of the crackers on one half  and a cabernet/merlot blend on the other.

Image Credit: House Wine

The wine has a “red current aroma” and notes of “juicy red fruit” that will pair perfectly with the cheddar-flavored crackers, according to the press release.

The combination package can be yours for just $25 on the House Wine website, but it’s set for a (unspecified) limited run.


Also no word on whether we can expect similar pairings with Cheez-Its white cheddar or pepper jack varieties in the future.

We’ll have to wait and see. And hope.

Fingers crossed for a syrah and pepper jack box!