Woman Asks if She’s Wrong for Buying Her Daughter Personalized Stationary for School So It Can’t Be Redistributed in Class

I don’t have kids, so the concept of sharing school supplies with other kids is kind of foreign to me.

Has it always been this way?

I don’t remember this from my own childhood, but that was a long time ago and the memories are pretty hazy…

But back to this story: is this woman an a**hole for buying her daughter personalized stationery so other kids can’t have any of it?

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AITA for buying personalized stationery for my daughter so it can’t be redistributed in class?

“My little girl, Mia (F9) has started a new school recently. We moved started and she had to start new school. I got a list of supplies that the teacher required plus extras like extra packs of crayons, etc.

You know the deal. While I don’t necessarily agree with this, it’s not a hill I, willing to die on so I got everything on that list. However, I also got my child her own supplies. Now, the list didn’t say to not label them. Mia is very particular on what type of stationery she likes.

I’ve heard horror stories of kids stuff being redistributed and them ending up with c**ppy supplies so I sat down with Mia and we got her personalised binders and notebooks and pencils with her name on etsy. It’s all part of the item so can’t be removed and given to another kid (like I said, as requested, I bought extra binders, etc.).

It turns out that I was right to do so. When Mia got home, she brought a passive aggressive note from the teacher about Mia’s supplies. Apparently, she tried to gather all supplies and have kids pick another one.

She requested that I switch Mia’s supplies to generic ones which I’m refusing to do.

The teacher now requested that I stop by to have a chat regarding Mia’s supplies.

I posted in local fb group and parents are divided so I need another opinion before I go meet with Mia’s teacher. Am I the a**hole for buying my child personalized stationery so it cannot be taken away from her?”

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