Woman Asks if She’s Wrong for Kicking Out Her Roommate After She Bought Their Condo

I guess if you OWN a house or an apartment or a condo, you can technically do whatever you want to do…

But does that make it right?

That’s the conundrum in this story from Reddit’s “Am I the A**hole?” page…

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AITA for “evicting” my roommate after buying the condo we rented together?

“I live in a small condo (~600 sqr ft) with a roommate, Caitlin. We didn’t know each other before moving in, she rents the bigger room and I rent the smaller one.

Our landlord told us she wants to sell the condo and I jumped in on the opportunity to buy it. She sold it to me almost 15% below market price, so it’s great. I already gave her the deposit and we will sign the papers in a few days, then the condo will be mine 3 months from now.

After me giving our landlord the deposit, Caitlin was ecstatic. She brought a champagne to celebrate, told me I’m the best and she will save so much money from now on by not having to pay rent.

I don’t know where she got this from and I thought our landlord already told her how long she has until she has to move out, but it seems not.

I told Caitlin that it’s a small condo and don’t need a roomate anymore. She will have to move out in 3 months, but I’d gladly help her look for a new place.

She flipped out. She asked me if I seriously want to evict her and throw her out on the street. She said she thought we were friends and if she had the money to buy the place, she would’ve let me stay for free because that’s what decent people do. Then she switched and started bargaining with me that I can have the bigger room and she will stay in the small room, she won’t bother much, and so on.

I feel a bit guilty. I really thought it was given that she will have to move out. Maybe I should’ve told Caitlin before giving the deposit to our landlord. I feel sorry for her, I know she doesn’t make a lot of money, but at 26, I don’t want to live in a small room anymore especially if I own the condo.


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