Woman Asks if She’s Wrong for Making an Uncomfortable Joke at a Friend’s Dinner Party

I’m not going to repeat the joke here because it’s too disgusting and inappropriate, but at a holiday meal one time, one of my brothers made an extremely gross joke in front of a bunch of people he didn’t know and it was super awkward.

Nice job, dude!


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AITA for making an uncomfortable joke when my friend told me her dinner table was full with family?

“Over the last 20 years everyone is my close family has d**d. Both my parents are gone, my grandparents on both sides, all my dad’s uncles, and anyone who is still alive are scattered out among the country. All I(20f) have left is my siblings and my BIL.

My friend (23f) comes from a different family. All the uncles, aunts, cousins, grandparents have monthly parties, stay in touch, have big celebrations, the works. All of them are still alive and active.

I think she knows I’m sensitive to the topic as I wish I had a big family, as she sometimes makes these comments like ‘You know when you get married your guest list will be so small compared to mine…but hey at least it will be cheap!’ At my mom’s funeral there were still a lot of open chairs and she told me if this was a family member of hers all the seats would be full. (She is aware of my many, many deceased family members)

I took some pictures of me, my siblings, and my BIL cooking for Thanksgiving and us playing games at the dinner table and post them on social media. She text me privately saying we looked like we were having fun, followed by pics of her huge family, and remarked the dinner table was full of family. This is where I maybe the a**hole, I replied, lovely! Have fun, we’d have a full table too but with the snow it’s was too hard to dig everyone out of their graves.

She was silent for a few hours then replied that joke was morbid and made her uncomfortable, and I really need to check my attitude.


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