Woman Asks if She’s Wrong for Not Paying for Car Repairs for the Guy She’s Dating

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AITA for refusing to pay to get his car fixed from my college fund?

“Me (f22) and this guy (m27) “Paul” have been going out on few dates for 2 months (we met on Tinder) We really like each other but haven’t officially started dating yet, so I don’t call him BF and vice versa. We’re still getting to know each other and the things we love vs hate.

So for the past couple of weeks he’s been sending me pics of his car that has been sitting in the mechanic (his cousin’s) shop for weeks. He went on and on about what needs fixing and made a long list and calculated the total then sent it to me as a screenshot. I looked at it wondering what is have to do with me?

He told me about his financial hardship atm and asked if I could help pay for his car to get it fixed quickly, so he’ll be able to take me on that road trip he promised. I felt uncomfortable bc the money he was talking about was around 2.5k and I don’t have that kind of money on my hand. He brought up my college fund and suggested I skip one semester so I could pay for the car.

I was shocked he brought that up, idk he knows how important college is for me but he assured me he’ll pay me back on time and that I only have to skip one semester and that’s it. I asked for time to think about it but after he kept calling I decided to just give a polite “NO”.

He asked why and I told him it’s because my education is my priority and I can’t handle skipping a semester, even if it’s one. He hung up saying he needed time then texted me saying that I did not show support after he made himself open and vulnerable, and that I chose money over him by refusing to lend it to him, and that he is struggling and in need and that didn’t matter to me.

I felt really guilty and I started calling him but he texted me saying that he might respond when I make room for a compromise. AITA for refusing to pay?”

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