Woman Asks if She’s Wrong for Refusing to Let Her Twin Sister Be a Bridesmaid at Her Wedding

Wow…this does not sound good.

You know that if someone doesn’t want their own twin to be in their wedding, things must be ugly.

But let’s not rush to judgment!

Check out this woman’s story and see for yourself if you think she’s out of line for how she’s treating her twin sister.

AITA for refusing to allow my twin to be a bridesmaid at my wedding?

“I (25f) have a fraternal twin sister and am getting married next fall.

We were very close growing up until high school. She was an outgoing bubbly cheerleader and I was a shy nerdy bookworm, so she ditched me for the popular kids. She didn’t actively pick on me but she’d stand by with her head down and do nothing when they bullied me.

She would talk to and hang out with me at home as if nothing was wrong but when at school or at the mall where kids at our school we’re likely to be seen she didn’t want to be seen with me.

When we turned sixteen she had a big bash but I didn’t have any friends so didn’t want to try and have a party, our parents were making her include me but she discreetly offered me $100 to pretend I was sick, I took the money bc I really didn’t want to go to a party where I’d at best be ignored or worse picked on.

We went to separate colleges across the country from each other, she tried to keep in touch but I ignored her because i was very traumatized at losing my sister/best friend. I would be polite to her at home during school breaks but kept her at arms length.

Anyway I don’t want her to be a brides maid (let alone maid of honor, my parents thought it’d be a good “compromise” to have her just be a regular brides maid). My “big” from my sorority will be my MOH and my fellow “littles” who had the same big will be my bridesmaids.

I reluctantly said she could be a guest at the wedding but not a bridesmaid (if it were entirely up to me I wouldn’t invite her at all but that would cause more drama in my family than it’s worth).

I told them “but what would other people think if she was seen with me?” She cried (she never apologized, she just thinks bc it was so long ago I should let bygones be bygones because she was young and immature) and my parents agree with her.

But I had to be in therapy for years because of her, why should I have someone as a bridesmaid who thinks they’re better than me?


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