Woman Asks if She’s Wrong for Refusing to Throw Her Husband’s Daughter a Birthday Party

Boy, oh boy, do people get worked up about birthday parties for their kids, or what?

And I guess that makes sense…

But still…maybe everyone out there should get a grip?

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AITA for not throwing my husband’s daughter a birthday party?

“I (28 female) am married to my husband Luke (30 male). He has a daughter, Sarah, from a previous relationship (5 female). We also have a daughter Ana (3 female together).

Luke’s ex had let us know she was throwing a party for Sarah and invited us and his family. I offered to help in any way I could and she said it was okay. So we bought a gift and the party itself was nice. It was a small get together with friends and family.

Ana’s birthday was a month prior. I had a petting zoo and it was very over the top. There was pony rides and we have a pool and I rented a bouncy castle. Big balloon arches the works.

Luke asked me the other night ( a couple days after Sarah’s party) when we’d be throwing her a party since Sarah asked when she called to say goodnight. I said I didn’t think we would since her mom threw a party.

Luke said it wasn’t fair since Anas party was so extravagant and now Sarah wants one too. I explained I asked his ex if she wanted help (financial or physical) and she declined. I told him I wasn’t planning to throw it and don’t really have the time now getting ready for the girls to start school.

This caused a major fight and he thinks I’m an AH for not throwing the party. I also think it’s not necessary since she had a party and we attended. His ex also thinks I’m favoring our daughter.


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One reader said she’s NTA and that it’s on him to plan his own daughter’s party.

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Another Reddit user made it pretty clear who’s at fault here.

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And this individual also said this is on him and that planning a party isn’t rocket science.

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