Woman Catches Fish with Two Mouths in Upstate New York

Photo Credit: iStock

A woman’s fishing trip took a bizarre turn when she reeled in a fish with two mouths.

Debbie Geddes was fishing on Lake Champlain in upstate New York when she caught the unusual animal. She told Fox News that when the fish initially bit her line, she felt like it was a quite large one. But she had no idea what she was about to reel onto the boat.

“When we got it in the boat I couldn’t believe what I was seeing!” Debbie said. “Two mouths! And yet this fish was healthy and thriving! Pretty amazing.”

Debbie and her husband took photos of the unique fish, then released it back into the water. Debbie’s co-worker, Adam Facteau, knew that people had to see this, so he uploaded a photo to Facebook.

“She wasn’t convinced anyone would care about the catch,” Adam said. “I knew it would be popular.”

He was right. The photo went viral, and people have been debating over the cause of the two mouths ever since. Debbie personally thinks that the Lake Trout’s second “mouth” was created by a previous injury. Many commenters also blamed pollution.

“Well, I think everyone has an opinion, which makes it interesting for discussion,” Adam said.

He’s personally not so sure of the cause. He says an injury is “possible.”

“However, Lake Champlain is also known for being a sewage dumping ground from Canada and (Vermont). Plus, many of these fish are stocked.”

Regardless of the reason behind these apparent two mouths, this is certainly a catch that Debbie will remember forever.