Woman Dyed Her Face Pink with ‘Washable Paint,’ and the People of Twitter Were Relentless


If you’re gonna use paint on your body, make sure the label says ‘Body Paint.’ Even if says “Washes easily off skin,” that most likely means a little bit from a small part of the body. Twitter user Leah (@LeleTill) learned this lesson the hard way, when, for some brilliant reason, she painted her entire face pink seemingly without any due diligence.

Photo Credit: Twitter, LeleTill

As expected, fellow Twitter users were merciless in their mockery of Leah and her new pink face.

Photo Credit: Twitter, dakotajt10

Captain obvious…

Is he, though?

Photo Credit: Twitter, emmam222

Yes, that is her dog.

Photo Credit: Twitter, RyanCamsey

She nailed it.

Photo Credit: Twitter, brujaja_

But it turns out the joke was definitely on us, not poor Leah.

Photo Credit: Twitter,graysonmcox

A few days after she posted her pink nightmare of a face, Leah informed the world that everything was simply a ruse.

Photo Credit: Twitter,LeleTill

And you know that Leah’s fellow Twitterers had to get in on the action…again. Some people thought it was funny, some think she’s headed for a day in court. We’ll have to wait and see how this drama unfolds.

Photo Credit: Twitter,TweetingNique

Tom, that’s not how libel works.

Just chill people. And laugh.

Photo Credit: Twitter,rchandler312

(h/t: Distractify)

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