Woman Gives Birth in 2017 to a Child Conceived in 1992


The irony of this incredible story is not lost on Tina Gibson. The new mom said, “Do you realize I’m only 25? This embryo and I could have been best friends.” Gibson is right on the money with that observation – she gave birth to a baby girl on November 25 that was conceived 24 years ago.

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This feat is a new world record. Baby Emma was conceived all the way back on October 14, 1992, and was a frozen embryo in storage until she was transferred into mom Tina’s uterus in March 2017. The previous record for a “snowbaby” birth was 20 years. As for the record, Tina said, “I just wanted a baby. I don’t care if it’s a world record or not.”

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The story of Emma’s birth is a big step forward in helping many couples achieve their dreams of having children one day. This man shared a similar experience.

And since this is the Internet, you just know that people had to chime in with their funny, but good-natured wisecracks.

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Congrats to the Gibson family!

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