This Woman Got the Entire Plane to Herself After Getting Accidentally Booked on a Staff Flight


On a recent flight, I had a whole row to myself and I thought I was in heaven. I lounged comfortably and spread my possessions out on the two seats next to me. It was the greatest two hours of my life. Now imagine that feeling of euphoria multiplied thousands of times! Maybe even millions!

Photo Credit: Flickr, BVStarr

That’s what one woman recently experienced when she got an ENTIRE PLANE TO HERSELF. The young lady accidentally got booked on a flight only intended for airline staff and had the whole plane to herself from New York to Washington, D.C.

Photo Credit: Reddit, shadybaby22

She shared a detailed explanation of what exactly happened on Reddit.

Photo Credit: Reddit, shadybaby22

This one is at the very top of my bucket list.

h/t: Mashable