Meet Colleen Dagg, the Internet’s newest hero:

The Florida resident recently won the hearts of Twitter when she physically fought a racist white woman in a hotel lobby. According to various reports, tweets and Facebook posts, the woman made a racist comment about Haitians. The video then shows the woman getting in Dagg’s face and hitting her. That’s when Colleen pops off, until hotel staff, and eventually the police, intervene.

The video was originally shared on Facebook by someone named “Austin,” who has since taken it down. It has since been re-shared and gone viral on Facebook and Twitter:

Apparently, Austin, the person who originally shared the video, explained in the caption:

“Ok so lady in the blue sundress said something super racist about how “you know these Haitians” and sis in the gray was not having it. She then lied to the police and said the other girl started it, when everything was caught on video.”

Unprovoked violence is bad. But provoked violence, especially as a response to racism, seems to be A-OKAY with the Internet:

Photo Credit: Twitter

And no one is here for the woman in the blue dress claiming to be the victim in the video, after clearly provoking the fight. She also claims to be “three months pregnant” and says Colleen is “going to jail.” Twitter isn’t buying it:

Photo Credit: Twitter, xhollyhellzx

Colleen Dagg has quickly risen to the status of Twitter hero:

A lot of people want to thank her IRL. Probably because that’s the most effective way to thank someone (oh, and also she’s pretty).

Photo Credit: Twitter, KayUnbroken

Photo Credit: Twitter, IsaiahPaulin

She has since responded to her newfound social media fame by 1) signing up for Twitter. And 2) sharing this tweet in defense of her decision to beat the crap out of the woman in the blue dress. It’s pretty solid. She wrote:

Photo Credit: Twitter, DaggDagg94

Hero status: maintained.

Photo Credit: Twitter, mitzimoments

Be the Colleen Dagg you wish to see in the world.

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